Monday, July 15, 2013

Butterfly Collage

Boy oh boy!!! I feel so behind again. It has been a while since I posted anything. I feel like I have been so busy but it has been creating store samples. The good news is that I did have a chance to do something for myself. I plan on hanging it at our cabin up-north. (Not sure where.)

I started by taking one of the pieces of 1/4" plywood that was left over from the drawers that we had redone for the built-ins in the 2 bedrooms we recently renovated. (I did manage to get a sewing room out of the deal but it was a lot of work.)

Anyways... once I nailed on some small pieces to the 4 sides I ended up with what looked like a covered canvas. I then covered the whole board with vintage book pages and then whitewashed it with watered down white acrylic paint. I pulled out my stash of stencils and got busy adding some different patterns. It was then a matter of fussing with various elements that I had cut out or found until I got an arrangement I liked.

The butterfly is printed from my computer and the wisteria is from an old gardening book I had. The scrolly heart pattern in the lower right hand corner is a stencil I have that I traced onto watercolor paper. I sprayed it with Lindy's Starburst sprays and then hand cut the bugger. (It took me a couple of hours to cut it and several days for my hand to uncramp.) The scrolled circle behind the butterfly and the fern leaves are chipboard pieces that I had and painted with metallic paint. The cardboard piece at the bottom left is painted with Sophisticated Finishes in Old Gold and then sprayed with Patina Green. (I tore part of the top layer off to reveal the corrugated part.) I then attached some pieces of crumpled Angelina film with matt medium and hit it with a heat gun. (It reacts to heat and does all this crazy cool shrinking and shriveling.) I then added a bunch of alarm clock gears, a pocket watch along with some clock springs, some broken beach glass and paper flowers.

The only thing that bothers me is when I showed it to my husband he said it looked "very victorian" and was in my "typical" style. I never thought I really had a particular style since I am always trying different things but I am always around it so it makes it hard to tell. I don't care what he thinks... I like it and it's what I wanted and it's going up in the cabin.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Who's Your Tiger?

Holy Cow... where did the time go? I had no idea that it has been almost 3 months since I last posted something on my blog. (I guess I needed a little break from it.) Anyways.... here is a little something that I made for myself after teaching a charm class. One of my students did a Michigan State version and I loved it so much that I did this one for our home team. Personally I am not a huge sports fan. I will go to the occasional game with my hubby since he has season tickets and since I don't have any Tiger t-shirts I will have to show my support with a super cute necklace.

This is to answer Emily's comment/question about where I got all the components to make this necklace. The "short" answer is that I made them all but for the long answer I'll start in the upper left hand corner and make my way around to the other side.

1. Tiger stadium logo- printed on my computer and sized to fit a Tim Holtz charm fragment.
2. Baseball and bat- I bought the wooden bat at a local craft store and painted it myself then added the baseball bead with a headpin by drilling a hole at one end. I also drilled a whole at the other end to insert a headpin.
3. Swinging Tiger - printed on my computer and sized to fit a Scrabble tile and then covered with Diamond Glaze.
4. Beaded element- Just odd and ends beads combined with a silver frame bead.
5. Paw prints - stamped with Archival ink onto a mini domino colored with alcohol ink. (Covered with Diamond Glaze.)
6. Blue Tassel -  22 gauge bullet casing that has fibers attached inside with a piece of jewelry wire inserted through a hole drilled in the top.
7. Orange "D" - Printed on my computer and then glued into an orange bottle cap. I also glued in some orange ballchain around the inside and then covered it with Diamond Glaze.
8. Button charm - Simply 3 buttons attached to each other with jump rings through the sewing holes.
9. Roaring Tiger - printed on my computer and sized to fit a Tim Holtz charm fragment.
10. Tiger Stripes - stamped with Archival ink onto a mini domino colored with alcohol ink. (Covered with Diamond Glaze.)
11. Clothespin - mini wooden clothespin colored with markers and then clear coated.
12. Old English "D" - printed on my computer and sized to fit a Tim Holtz charm fragment.
13. "Who's Your Tiger?" - printed on my computer and sized to fit a Scrabble tile and then covered with Diamond Glaze.
14. Baseball Player - Store bought charm that I painted with Vintaj patina paints for metal.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Houses Hung At The Cabin

We went up north again this past weekend and it gave me a chance to hang more of the houses I have received from everyone. I am loving the way they all look and I want to again thank everyone who has sent me one.

Here's a shot with some of the placemats on the table that I have been working on. Unfortunately I ran out of white thread so I couldn't topstitch the last three. 

I made a little guest book for everyone that stays with us at the cabin to sign and date. I would love for everyone that visits to make a house but I know some will balk at that idea because they think they are not artistic. 

And this last picture is because I know some of you need a Dexter fix and because he is just so darn cute even when he is sleeping. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Yeah... It's More Cards

Here is another bunch of cards that I made for Stampeddler as samples to show various paper or stamps. The first one was another Kaiser card but it made from left over paper I had from another project and I wanted to show the stamp. (It is the center panel.) 

 These 2 cards are using Anna Griffith paper and a couple of new stamps that are at the store. 

 These next 2 cards were using some stamps that looked more steampunk to me so of course I had to do something with that theme.

 This set of cards was using another set of Kaiser paper, Kaiser stamps and some Penny Black stamps.

These 2 cards are using Indigo Blue paper and stamps. 

 I forget what paper this was but the cute flower stamps are from Kaiser again. 

This was using a big background stamp from Impression Obsession and clear stamp set from Bo Bunny. (Can't remember what paper on this one either.) 

 This is a large stamp from Stampendous that comes with a cool stencil to use with it. You can do some cool things with masking or stenciling.

This card was mostly to show the paper but it also has a lot of stamped backgrounds. 

Another couple of cards using Kaiser stamps. 

This one was using Basic Greys chipboard pieces and paper. How easy is it to do this one? (About half an hour.)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Every time I look at this collage I think of that game because I see something new that I had not noticed before. This was another collage that was inspired by Anna Dabrowska (aka Finnabair). It is done on a 9" x 12" canvas and the picture is of my grandparents at their wedding. I used everything I could get my hands and glued it to this canvas. Stuff like an old pocket watch case, bingo markers, a zipper pull, keys from an old clarinet, a vintage garter clip, typewriter strike keys, snaps, bullet casings, bits of lace and necklace chain and the list goes on. See what you can find?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kaiser Cards And More Kaiser Cards

Yes I have been very busy making all kinds of sample cards for Stampeddler. Unfortunately I kept forgetting to post them on my blog... until today that is.

All of the cards shown here are made from Kaiser Craft paper and this first set of cards are all made with a set called Lulu and Roy. It's basically using the small 6.5" pad of paper and solid color card stock. It will eventually be a class but I am not sure which cards will end up being in the class. Whatever is not used for the class will end up as samples in the Kaiser Korner of the store.



This is a tag pull out card and you can see it lays flat when it is closed. To open it you simply pull on the tags ribbon and it slides open to reveal the secret message. (It also opens like a regular card so you can include another message inside.)

These cards are made from the set of paper called Secret Admirer and the first 3 are made using the same 2 stamps. I wanted to do the Somerset Magazine approach that they do for the article "With One Stamp".  The fourth one I did because I liked the paper with the owl on it and just had to use it. The stamped image is actually the white flourish in the upper corner. (It is stamped with clear ink and then embossed with opaque white powder.) The sentiment is also stamped but other then that it is a very simple card to make. 

These 2 cards are from the Periwinkle collection and will also be part of a Kaiser card class. 

There are many more cards for me to post as well as a few other projects but I will save that for another day since this post is already very long. Have a Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Housing Project

So I just got back from our cabin up-north and I was able to hang all of the houses that I have received so far. You can see the aqua chairs at the table that started this whole color scheme. The red comes from some of the dishes, the toaster, and the hand towels. The 10 houses that are there right now look a little lonely but hopefully there will be more soon. (YES... I am still sending out houses to be decorated so just email me and I can pop one in the mail to you.)

To those of you that recognize your house you may notice that a few of them have some extra things added to them. I certainly hope that no one minds that I did this but I just love bling and felt a few needed something. 

I hope that I get enough houses to fill the previous wall and this one that is perpendicular to the first. The last owners left this tacky painting of a lighthouse that I just hate but I hate bare walls even more. 

Some of you may remember the shade I did made out of out slides. Here it is in it's final corner of the living room all lit up. I think it looks like it belongs there and has been there for years. 

The other project I am working on is some coasters and placemats for the kitchen. Here you can see 4 of the placemats almost finished and 5 coasters completed. (There was 6 but one mysteriously disappeared that afternoon.) 

Here's a close-up of the finished placemat and a few coasters. I may redo the quilting on the placemat. I am not happy with the way the quilting distorted the seam lines even though I used an even feed foot on my machine. 

 Suspected coaster thief looking calm and confident despite being yelled at by mom.