About Me

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This is a photo of me at my worktable in all it's messy grandness.  I currently run an art group on Yahoo called "The Sum Of All ATC's" as well as belonging to several other groups myself. I live in Southfield, Michigan (just outside of Detroit) and I have been married to my dear husband for 20 years now. He spoils me rotten by letting me play in my art studio all day while occasionally cleaning the house.  We have no children except the furry kind. He is a labradoodle named Dexter and he is my husbands baby. I have an associates degree in Graphics Art & Illustration and used to work as a freelance designer for several companies and also as a lead designer for a local scrapbooking company  before it went out of business. I LOVE all forms of art and basically if you can name it I have tried it or have supplies to eventually give it a whirl.