Monday, March 25, 2013

New Housing Project

So I just got back from our cabin up-north and I was able to hang all of the houses that I have received so far. You can see the aqua chairs at the table that started this whole color scheme. The red comes from some of the dishes, the toaster, and the hand towels. The 10 houses that are there right now look a little lonely but hopefully there will be more soon. (YES... I am still sending out houses to be decorated so just email me and I can pop one in the mail to you.)

To those of you that recognize your house you may notice that a few of them have some extra things added to them. I certainly hope that no one minds that I did this but I just love bling and felt a few needed something. 

I hope that I get enough houses to fill the previous wall and this one that is perpendicular to the first. The last owners left this tacky painting of a lighthouse that I just hate but I hate bare walls even more. 

Some of you may remember the shade I did made out of out slides. Here it is in it's final corner of the living room all lit up. I think it looks like it belongs there and has been there for years. 

The other project I am working on is some coasters and placemats for the kitchen. Here you can see 4 of the placemats almost finished and 5 coasters completed. (There was 6 but one mysteriously disappeared that afternoon.) 

Here's a close-up of the finished placemat and a few coasters. I may redo the quilting on the placemat. I am not happy with the way the quilting distorted the seam lines even though I used an even feed foot on my machine. 

 Suspected coaster thief looking calm and confident despite being yelled at by mom.