Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't Throw Out Your Matchboxes

I saw this project on Laura Carson's blog "Artfully Musing" and I had to watch the video and make one. I didn't have store bought matchboxes but I had a die-cut one. (And... yes.... It is bigger then the store bought boxes.)   

The mirror is a frame die cut that I have that happened to be the right size. I added a piece of the fabulous mirror paper that Tim Holtz now has and it actually makes a pretty good mirror. I covered the die cut with gold foil before I cut it then I ran it through an embossing folder. I then painted it with magenta acrylic paint and wiped it away leaving some in the valleys.

The feet are some brass findings that I bent in half. (I also cut the loops off.) 

I have done the perfume bottles as charms for the necklaces that I make but this was a perfect opportunity to make some a little larger. (They are glued onto a head pin to keep it all straight and once they are dry I cut the headpin even with the top bead.) I printed the teeny tiny labels on my commuter. (YES.... I really do have too much time on my hands.) The trays that the bottles sit on are just brass frames that have a back to them instead of being open. The glasses and comb are charms that I snipped the loop off of with wire cutters.