Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cuckoo For Resin And Watch Parts

I have a bunch of jewelry in a store called LimeLight in downtown Northville Michigan. It is owned by the same women that owns the stamp store I teach classes at so it was a natural fit. (And I have been selling a lot more stuff then when I had them on Etsy.) Anyways here is what I have been working on for the last week to restock what has been sold. 

This cuckoo clock is made on a wooden domino and painted with the rust patina paints that I love so much. The blue comes from the Vintaj metal paints which I also love. 

These steampunk hearts are only 2 of the 10 that I made from watch parts and wire. Each one is totally different from the next but these are my 2 favorites. (I just may keep the bottom one for myself.)

These are one of many steampunk earrings that I also made from various watch parts. 

I am going to have a make a pair of these for myself too. They are made from vintage resistors.

I have been also playing with 2 part resin to make some other necklaces. Here you can see how I took the empty watch faces and poured a layer of resin. (They have no metal back plate but they do have a crystal.) After the first layer was set I put in a second layer and placed some of the watch parts down in it. Once that is set I will do another pour and another layer of parts, then a final layer in black to make the parts stand out. Since I am working from the front of the watch to the back I am essentially working in reverse when I pour the layers on the above watch faces.

These are essentially the same as the above watch faces but because they have a back but no crystal I am working from the back to the front. (I painted the metal back with some black Vintaj metal paint before I poured the first layer of resin.)