Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kaiser Cards And More Kaiser Cards

Yes I have been very busy making all kinds of sample cards for Stampeddler. Unfortunately I kept forgetting to post them on my blog... until today that is.

All of the cards shown here are made from Kaiser Craft paper and this first set of cards are all made with a set called Lulu and Roy. It's basically using the small 6.5" pad of paper and solid color card stock. It will eventually be a class but I am not sure which cards will end up being in the class. Whatever is not used for the class will end up as samples in the Kaiser Korner of the store.



This is a tag pull out card and you can see it lays flat when it is closed. To open it you simply pull on the tags ribbon and it slides open to reveal the secret message. (It also opens like a regular card so you can include another message inside.)

These cards are made from the set of paper called Secret Admirer and the first 3 are made using the same 2 stamps. I wanted to do the Somerset Magazine approach that they do for the article "With One Stamp".  The fourth one I did because I liked the paper with the owl on it and just had to use it. The stamped image is actually the white flourish in the upper corner. (It is stamped with clear ink and then embossed with opaque white powder.) The sentiment is also stamped but other then that it is a very simple card to make. 

These 2 cards are from the Periwinkle collection and will also be part of a Kaiser card class. 

There are many more cards for me to post as well as a few other projects but I will save that for another day since this post is already very long. Have a Happy Easter everyone!


Paper Squirrel said...

Happy Easter!

marda said...

Wonderful array of cards. You've been busy!!!

Elena said...

Beautiful cards Val!

rkramadh said...

The last but one card is gorgeous! Holy moly, I just realized you live in MI, not far from me. I saw some reference to Stampeddler and I know that's in Northville. So thrilled to have found your site. I hope to take your class one day as I really like your style!