Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm Back.....

Yes... I did disappear for a while but now I am back. I am so used to taking the month of December off from when I worked in the scrapbooking industry that it is still a time of hibernation for me. Sooooooo... now what do I do. Well it seems that my blog is mostly a place for people to download free images and that is OK but it is not what I originally set up this blog for. The reason I did share all those images was because my art group that I run on Yahoo wanted access to them and there was not a large enough file space to provide all of them on Yahoo. (You can imagine how many I have as it has taken 4 years to post them all.) Actually I haven't posted all of them yet but I would like to get back to doing more of what this blog was originally started for and that was to share my art. I think that the free downloads will be once or twice a week now.

Without further ado here is some of the art that I have created and just never posted because I just plain forgot.

This page is something that I will be teaching how to do at Stampeddler in Northville, MI. and it is based on the fabulous collages that Anna Dabrowska does. (Otherwise known as Finnibair.) She is a wonderful mixed media artist/teacher from Poland that does these grungy/shabby chic collages. (Click here to check out her blog.)

The page is done in almost all white and cream tones and the magic happens when it is sprayed with a colored mica spray. (I like the ones from Lindy's Stamp Gang.) It is all about piling on the found objects and other assorted embellishments around a central photo.

Here is a class sample from the same class but making cards instead of a scrapbook page. You can see the before is all very monotone in color, which is very pretty but after it is sprayed I think it is even better.