Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing With Pets

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Does Karma Exist? (update)

I want to thank all of you that have commented on what happened to me at Meijer's recently. And to let you all know I did actually think about calling the police and having her arrested for assault. What I realized later is that I should have let her take some things that I had rung up and she could have been arrested for stealing too. (I had not paid for my items yet and last I checked she didn't either.)

I also did make a complaint to the district manager when I got home. Since he was on the afternoon shift he was not aware of the situation but he was very nice and apologized profusely. (The change over in shifts could be why no manager appeared to help me.) He also assured me that he would review the CCTV tapes and talk to the other employees that witnessed the event and work with them on what should have been done to stop the situation. (I am thinking I might go up there personally to review the tapes and may still press charges.) Who would be laughing then, huh?

But you know they say there are always 3 sides to every story. My version, her version and the real version. She is surely not completely to blame for the entire situation. Yes I started out polite when I asked her to "lower the bar" and I obviously overstepped some boundary that set her off. But once she started being rude I continued it by being rude. But I saw no reason to be nice since she already crossed the line by shoving me. I can be like a terrier chasing a rat and I will not let some things go once I get stuck. (Right now my mom is probably reading this and shaking her head emphatically.) When she originally got angry and told me to back up on not touch her stuff I probably should have said I was sorry and got in another line. (Except they all had many people in them.) The thing that she was unaware of was that I had stood there for at least 10 minutes while she fished numerous coupons out to run through the scanner and I said not one word or made a face or rolled my eyes. By the time she got finished scanning everything and then went to bag her groceries (without lowering the bar) I was already annoyed that she had taken way too long with her coupons. Was I frustrated?... Maybe a little. Did it show in my voice when I asked her to lower the bar? I'm not really sure..... but I hope I didn't sound annoyed. Was I giving her dirty looks later on as she was taunting me... You betcha!!! I let her get to me and she did feed on it. I know better now and will either steer clear of people like her or just ignore them as they are not worth the time of day.

Now I am off to do some demos this evening at Stampeddlers so that I can put this horrible event behind me.

Pull Out The Crane

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Does Karma Exist?

I don't normally post things about what happens in my life unless it has something to do with art but something happened to me today that I am still flabbergasted by.

I was in the check out line at Meijer's... (you know the kind that you can do it yourself.) I was in the one that had no limit and the women in front of me was almost finished and once she was done scanning all of her items she went to the end and proceeded to bag her groceries. Now I bet all of you are thinking that is a normal thing to do but in the self serve line, especially the ones that have no item limit, there is a bar that can be placed across the catch basin at the end of the belt to allow one person to bag their groceries and the next person to scan their items without allowing groceries to get mixed up. She wasn't doing this so I asked her if she knew about the bar and how it would allow my groceries to stay separate from hers. Her reply was "Yeah I know and I am getting there!" Well she still proceeded to bag her groceries so I said "Let me help you" and I went to lower the bar and shove her items under it along the roller bars. She immediately got angry and jumped at her cart shoving it painfully into my hip and physically shoved me back by the shoulders and then slammed the bar back to it's staring position. She said I shouldn't touch her stuff and to get back like I was some criminal with a huge jar of poison that I was going to dump all over her food. I again said to her  that all I was asking her to do was to put the bar down so that I could start scanning my items. She said I was rude and that she wasn't going to "put the bar down" because I was demanding that she do things on my time and she had her own schedule. I again reached for the bar to put it across and she yanked it out of my hands again and slammed it back home all the while telling me to "get back and don't touch my stuff". (I didn't touch anything but the bar.) I beseechingly looked at the cashier and asked for her to do something. She was on the phone and looked like she was ignoring me. She neither look me in the eye or nodded her head to let me know she heard at all.

I stood there getting angrier by the minute while this women started to think it was some kind of game to see how angry she could get me. She would wave her hand at me like some little kid does very shyly and then when I would look over she would very slowly pick up an item and then hold it high in the air (she would make a face of disbelief and then smile very nastily) and eventually drop it into her bag below. Then wave again and slowly plunk another item in. I was of course very angry by now so I again asked to please put the bar down and when she (again) ignored me and slowly plunked another item in her bag. I turned around and said.... "fine, I'll just start scanning my items in anyways." Her reply was that if it hit the catch bin she would pack it her bag and take it home. So I went back and again grabbed the bar and went to put it down and at this point the unthinkable (at least to me anyways) happened. She actually slapped me!!!!! And I don't mean like a half push, half slap to get me to back up.... I mean she really slapped me hard. (My shoulder had a red handprint on it when I looked at it in the car later.) I was so shocked that all I could say was "really.... really.... you call this being courteous?" I say this now because earlier she had accused me of being rude and discourteous while she was holding her items high over the bag and slowly plunking them in. All the while she was doing the "plunking"she was saying mean things about how she was glad I was angry. She hoped that she was wasting my time.  She didn't care what she did to make my day miserable. She wasn't going to put the bar down because she wanted to make me wait. To top it all off... just before she plunked her last item in the bag she smiled at me very snidely and said "Have a nice day". All I could think to do or say is to "f@#$-off and quite being such a bitch." (But I so wanted to chase her into the parking lot and beat the ever lovin' crap out of her!)

What really made me angry about the whole incident is that everyone one that was in ear shot just stood there and watched it all. The 2 cashiers did nothing when all one of them had to do was walk over and place the bar down and ask her to move along. No manager arrived to break it up and make her stop the taunting. The two 20 something girls in the next line just stood there and snickered into their palms like they were back in high school watching the resident bully work over the nerd of the day.

After the women left the cashier actually had the nerve to come over and help bag my groceries. My reply was that I don't need her help to bag my items but I sure could have used it 10 minutes ago while I was being assaulted by some lunatic. Her reply was that she didn't want to get involved and she had called the manager to handle it.  (The manger never appeared even though it took me another 10 minutes to bag my groceries through tears of humiliation.) I said that if she had asked the women to put the bar down when the whole thing started that it all probably could have been avoided. Again no apology to me for this women having acted this way only her excuse that it wasn't her job.

My question about all of this is whatever happened to being a good person and doing the right thing for another human being? Are we all so scared to get involved that we just stand there and stare? As for me I will never just stand there and gawk ever again. I will speak up even if it means getting involved. No one was there for me and would hate for anyone else to feel the same. I really felt like I was back in high school being bullied and everyone was just watching and snickering.

Hopefully nothing like this ever happens to any of you and thanks for listening.... you all have such patience when I need to bitch about something.

AND......To the lunatic woman that shops at Meijer's..... I really hope that Karma exists and comes back around to bite you in the ass.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fancy Frilly Frocks

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Colorful Sea Creatures

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Here are some wonderfully colorful sea creatures to go with the lovely mermaids from yesterday. (I colored them myself on my computer.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Digital Download

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A bevy of beautiful mermaids for your downloading pleasure!

Tortured For Fashion

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