Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Bought A Cabin

Yeah I flaked out again but it was for a good reason. I wasn't here this weekend (and forgot to pre-date images to post automatically) because I was up north with hubby closing the deal on a cabin.

It is in Atlanta, Michigan in a closed hunting/recreation community we belong to called Canada Creek Ranch. We go there at least once a year to meet up with Rob's cousins to hang out for long weekend. The cabin is one of the original ones built after the ranch was established in 1934 but it was added on to in the 80's when the former owners decided to live there full time. Mr. Reeves passed away about 2 years ago and his son Tom could no longer afford to keep the cabin.

The garage is a huge 2 car monstrosity that is 2 cars wide and 2 cars deep. Perfect for working on the Beast. (Our 4 wheel drive Jeep we keep up there for tooling around the back acreage.) 

Above the garage is a huge attic space that currently houses a huge winch that was used to haul up the snowmobiles for storage during the summer. Since we don't snowmobile I thought this could eventually be made into a big craft room maybe?

This is the heated and insulated stall of the garage that is attached to the house. It houses this wood stove to run the boiler by burning wood instead of using gas. (Something we will probably never do since it has to be constantly monitored.)

On the other side is a second bathroom and the washer and dryer. There is also a second shower stall there but I'm not sure how much use it will get since anyone could walk into the garage at any time to see you in the shower. (EEEEK!)

Here you can see how big the garage is along with all the tools and stuff that was left by the previous owner. (Yeah the whole cabin came furnished, right down to the dishes and towels.)

As you enter the cabin from the garage you come into a small mudroom and then into the spacious kitchen which was added on in the 80's.  The dishwasher doesn't work but everything else is like brand new. 

From the kitchen you go into the main living room which used to be the old part of the cabin along with 2 very tiny bedrooms. (We are talking about room for a queen sized bed and little else.)

A cozy fireplace with a wood burning stove in it. We were told by the previous owner that this alone will heat the cabin in the winter if we choose to turn off the hot water base board heat. 

Here's another photo of the living room showing the 2 doors to the original 2 bedrooms. (That fuzzy butt in the right hand doorway belongs to our labradoodle Dexter.) 

Dinky bedroom #1.

Dinky bedroom #2.

Massive master bedroom which was added on in the 80's also. (There is a master bath attached to this that I forgot to take photos of.) The mattresses are all atrocious and need to be replaced except for the queen in dinky bedroom #1. The problem is that we are used to sleeping on a king and it would be the only thing that would fit in there. (Yeah... I know the solution is that we put the king in the master bedroom but then it would be hard to have many people come up and stay with us if we only have our bed in there.) 

Anyways.... I'm trying to think of a name for the place and so far the only thing that sticks is "Loon Lodge" which is what my grandparents cabin used to be called. The lake down at the end of the road has a couple pairs of loons that live there so maybe that will be the final name. 


Gerrina said...

Hope you get great memories there the next years! Greetings, Gerrina

bobbie said...

What a great place!! I definitely see a craft room in the space you mentioned; maybe the 2 dinky rooms could be combined???
I'm going to enjoy seeing what you make of it!
Congratulations ~

prutsels said...

How about 2 sets of bunk beds in the smaller bedrooms? Or a futon bunk bed combo? Looks great enjoy! Does this mean you double up on craft supplies or are you carting it around?

Malinda said...

Congrats!!! I'm sure much fun will be had up there!

linda from arizona said...

How fun! It looks too big to be classified as a cabin! You will have so much fun there. We named our property "Hell n Gone Ranch" because when people asked where the property was, we'd say "clear out to hell and gone". We are 25 miles from the nearest town of 3500 and 9 miles down a dirt road. Our nearest neighbor is 2 1/2 miles away so we don't see anyone unless we want to.

Mary said...

I love it. It has such decorating possibilities. Does the heater in garage have both gas and wood. My brother has one that heats his house (2000 sf up and 2000sf down) and the way it works is when the wood box temp reaches a certain point, it kicks over to the gas. His house NEVER got cold, and his heating bills were lower (much) than mine and I only have half the square feet. How I would like to play in your new 'cabin'. Do have fun there.

Carole said...

What a lovely house. I wish we could afford a beach or mountain 'get away'. I hate hotels/motels, and it would be nice to leave everything behind even if only for a weekend.


Electra said...

Wow, this is awesome! Stay warm!