Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eclectic Geometric

Click on the picture to see a larger view. 
These are another set of pages for the Artistic Evolution Journal group that I belong to and the pages are for Lillian Mederak. I did something completely different this time by doing a pure "watercolor" kind of painting. There are no other types of mediums used other then the faux glimmer mists that I mixed myself using Tim Holtz Distress re-inkers, some mica powder and water.

I took some masking paper that is basically like a roll of 6" wide paper with the kind of adhesive on it that is on Sticky Notes.  I took the 4 shapes and colors from the previous pages and used my vast collection of punches to punch circles, triangles, diamonds and squares from the masking paper. Once I placed them down in an arrangement that I liked I sprayed the aqua mist over both pages.

Once I removed the masked shapes I painted in each one by hand using the other colors I mixed. To achieve the lighter "ghost" shapes in each one I took a clean brush filled only with water and made the shapes within each one. Once it set for a few minutes I blotted the water up with a paper towel which took some of the color with it to leave a lighter image.

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