Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letter Love

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So I have decided to brush up on something that has always interested me.  I have done calligraphy of a sort but never was really serious about it and have always loved fonts, lettering and alphabets of all kinds. I got the idea from my friend Eileen's blog since she was taking this class on-line too. (Yes Eileen.... I am stalking you.... but in a good way!) I love collecting fonts for my computer and I must have over a thousand at any given moment. I regularly go through and delete ones that haven't been used in a while to make room for new ones. (I know when to do this because my Photoshop program will usually groan and crash from the over abundance of fonts that it has to sort through at start-up.) Anyways this is an on-line class from Joanne Sharpe called "Letter Love 101" and I highly recommend it to anyone. She doesn't teach how to do calligraphy but rather how to create your own style of lettering from your own handwriting. I know most people (myself included) don't like their own writing but this will help make you a fan and improve you wanting to journal if you are bad about that. (Which I am.)

So above are 2 samples from some of the first few classes so far and I am pretty pleased with the way they turned out. Be sure and check out the class from Joanne by clicking here. (I also purchased the "Artful Alphabets" class and it is pretty awesome too!)

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Gerrina said...

Looks great and fun to do! Greetings, Gerrina