Saturday, July 28, 2012

HEY Michiganders.... You Need To Get Busy!

For those of you that live in this great state and if you follow this blog I know you are artistically inclined there is something that all of you need to do. The fabulous, wonderful, spectacular, Detroit Institute of Arts is in danger of closing it's doors. The DIA is a world class museum and if you haven't been there lately you should go and just wander around. It is ranked as one of the top museums in the U.S. and most people don't even realize what a great museum we have.



#1. You need to vote YES for the County Arts Authority on Tuesday August 7th. (Click here to visit the site.)

#2.  Join the Free Art Friday Scavenger hunt along with me. Free Art Friday is a weekly occurrence but this Friday, August 3rd, is a special event for the DIA to help out the vote to keep it open. If you want to participate there are special cards that you can print up to attach to your artwork before you leave it. (Click here to be taken to the pdf.) All you need to do is to create a piece of art. (It can be a painting, a piece of jewelry, a sculpture, or anything at all.) Attach your note to it and drop it somewhere in the city then post a photo to FaceBook that gives a clue as to where it was hidden. (Click here to be taken to the FB page.) Anyone that comes across it can keep it as long as they email the artist to let them know it has gone to a good home. (For those of you that follow this blog it is very similar to the "Art Abandonment Project" that I have been doing for a couple of weeks.) There is a special meeting on the steps of the DIA this coming Friday at 10am and I plan to be there so if any of you are going to show up there be sure and drop me an email so we can meet up.

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