Saturday, June 30, 2012

They're finally here!!!

Click on the picture to see a larger view. 

Some of you steampunk fans may remember way back in February that I had a french company purchase some of my designs and had them made into rubber stamps. Part of the agreement with them was for me to receive some of the sets so that I could "share the love" with all of you. After begging numerous times for the owner to please send me the sets she finally mailed them and they are here.

Sooooooooo.... without further ado I am doing a give away. (YEAH!) I have one of each of the above sets and I will be giving them to 2 different winners. I thought about doing the usual "leave a comment to win" scenario but I wanted you guys to work for it a little bit.  So the first 2 people that email me with the answer to this question get one of the above sets of stamps. (If you can answer the bonus question then you get both sets.) hint- the answers are in previous blog posts.

What is the name of the company that I am currently working freelance for making punchart flowers?

Bonus question - What is the name of the scrapbooking company that I used to be lead designer for?

Email your answers to me by clicking here. 

Update- Thanks to everyone who gave me the right answers. I already have my 2 winners... actually 4 winners because the third and fourth person to email me knew the correct answer to the bonus question so I just had to send them something. (They are only ones to get the second answer right.)

The answers in case anyone was wondering are McGill and Kinetic Scrapbooking. And the winners are Lisa Hall, Nancy Stone, Melissa Groenink and Sarah Hemphill. Thanks everyone for being such loyal followers. You make everything I do worth while and make me feel like I am not alone in the art world.


Lululiz said...

Wow, the stamps look fantastic! Congrats, must be a great feeling finally holding them in your hands.

Karin said...

wow, you must be proud! these stamps look marvelous!