Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mail Love and Art Abandonment

Click on the picture to see a larger view. 

So the Mail Love group I belong to has decided to keep going after the first year of mail art goodies. It was originally started as an offshoot of the Key 4 Art retreat as a way to send and receive something in the mail other then bills. The idea was to collect all the "love" and we would make a project to house it all at the retreat. (Click here to see the original blog post of the finished project plus other art that I mailed to the rest of the group.) I had to post the bottom photo because when I saw all the tags sitting on my desk I just loved the way all the fibers made this lovely pile of colors.

I am also trying something new that I heard about on my friend Eileen's blog. It is called the Art Abandonment Project and was started by Michael deMeng on Facebook. (Click here to be taken to the FB address. If you are not a member of FB then you can go to Michael's blog to read about how it works by clicking here.)  He is not the first artist to do this but it was enough to make me actually join Facebook to see what it was all about. The above picture was my first abandonment at a local restaurant that my husband and I eat at every Saturday morning. These are the chairs that sit outside the front of the place for people to wait in when all the tables are full. I don't know if anyone will pick it up or if they will email me back to let me know they took it. After being there an hour I saw a few people glance at it but it was still in the chair when we left. Since I had made more of the above tags then I needed for Mail Love I decided to give one of them away. (It is the one on the right hand side of the last tag photo.)

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Eileen Bellomo said...

I was the lucky recipient of the purple and turquoise tag, and I have to say, the photos don't do these pieces justice. Absolutely gorgeous!