Thursday, May 10, 2012

Does Karma Exist? (update)

I want to thank all of you that have commented on what happened to me at Meijer's recently. And to let you all know I did actually think about calling the police and having her arrested for assault. What I realized later is that I should have let her take some things that I had rung up and she could have been arrested for stealing too. (I had not paid for my items yet and last I checked she didn't either.)

I also did make a complaint to the district manager when I got home. Since he was on the afternoon shift he was not aware of the situation but he was very nice and apologized profusely. (The change over in shifts could be why no manager appeared to help me.) He also assured me that he would review the CCTV tapes and talk to the other employees that witnessed the event and work with them on what should have been done to stop the situation. (I am thinking I might go up there personally to review the tapes and may still press charges.) Who would be laughing then, huh?

But you know they say there are always 3 sides to every story. My version, her version and the real version. She is surely not completely to blame for the entire situation. Yes I started out polite when I asked her to "lower the bar" and I obviously overstepped some boundary that set her off. But once she started being rude I continued it by being rude. But I saw no reason to be nice since she already crossed the line by shoving me. I can be like a terrier chasing a rat and I will not let some things go once I get stuck. (Right now my mom is probably reading this and shaking her head emphatically.) When she originally got angry and told me to back up on not touch her stuff I probably should have said I was sorry and got in another line. (Except they all had many people in them.) The thing that she was unaware of was that I had stood there for at least 10 minutes while she fished numerous coupons out to run through the scanner and I said not one word or made a face or rolled my eyes. By the time she got finished scanning everything and then went to bag her groceries (without lowering the bar) I was already annoyed that she had taken way too long with her coupons. Was I frustrated?... Maybe a little. Did it show in my voice when I asked her to lower the bar? I'm not really sure..... but I hope I didn't sound annoyed. Was I giving her dirty looks later on as she was taunting me... You betcha!!! I let her get to me and she did feed on it. I know better now and will either steer clear of people like her or just ignore them as they are not worth the time of day.

Now I am off to do some demos this evening at Stampeddlers so that I can put this horrible event behind me.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Go view the tapes; you were indeed assaulted, and if you press charges, you may stop this idiot from doing the same to some other unsuspecting soul.
I would wager you are not the FIRST she's done it to, nor will you be the last.
I had to go read your first post (Blogger seems selective about when I get to SEE in the dashboard....grrrr...) but the store was LAX in not escorting her out or calling the police at the time.
And yes, I'm a bull terrier when stuff like this invisible line gets crossed and look out.
Hope you're doing okay now, and hope you still have some oomph to see this through!


Paper Squirrel said...

I'm just catching up and OMG!!! I think I would be in jail right now if that had happened to me, because I would have gone off on that crazy B. You're right though, she was obviously feeding off your irritation, but I also agree with comments on your original post that she is LOONY TOONS. No one has the right to touch you (push-shove-slap-whatever). That's assault and I don't care if you did sound irritated when you asked her to put the bar down...that does NOT give her any right to touch you. Kudos for not getting physical in response. Truly, that would have set me off and I probably wouldn't have stopped until the police pulled me off her. So glad it didn't come to that for you!! :-) Hang in there. If you're like me, this will niggle at you for a while and then, "poof", one day, it just won't matter anymore. Remember...people like that AREN'T WORTH IT! Don't give her power over your thoughts.

Ildiko said...

Oh my just read the previous post too, I would get the police involved as he overstepped the boundaries, way overstepped it and to top it the person who wanted to help you to pack your bag should've helped to solve the problem as she's working there, she should face the music too being ignorant. Hope you can put this behind you soon

Ildiko said...

Just me again, I thought you might like to see what I made, the inspiration came from your FAB blog, thank you

mf said...

yep, it's time to press charges. the only way people like that learn anything is when you take their time or hit them in the pocketbook. let's see how she feels about her time when all of a sudden it's being taken up by police investigation. i'd review the tapes and insist that Meier's help you file charges. They will have her info if she paid with anything but cash. And contact HLN news.. they love this stuff. this woman needs serious comeuppance. Now the other side of me says she must have a SH--TY life and knows nothing of the great karma and comradarie that we all share with Val. I do beleive it will come back to haunt her--not consciously--people like that have no conscience--but i bet a closer look will show she has a really crappy life overall. we all have bad days, but to actually slap you??? you don't put your hands on someone. period.
feel better hugs marlyn

Anne said...

What happened to you stinks,you were much more patient than I would have been, and you were not i the wrong. Make sure you are able to view the tapes, and they should be able to find her name etc out(if she indeed did pay) Don't let the store erase or "lose" the tape...which may happen if they decide it would look bad for them,or if they are actually have a liability. You should press charges, especially since she did slap you.
Sometimes Karma has to be helped along...

Daniele said...

I would definitely go back to the store because the assistant who stood by and did nothing should have difussed the situation by coming over to lower the bar for you.....she was so in the wrong herself. Hopefully the woman is sweaating abit by wondering whether you will get the ploice involved, shes probably a regular and can e identified from the CCTV
have a lovely weekend