Friday, March 23, 2012

Keys 4 Art Retreat - Day 5

The last day of the retreat was spent putting together a fabulous project that was designed for us by Kathy (Orta) Files of Paper Phenomenon. This was to house all of our Mail Love that we had been sending each other over the past year.

The cool thing is that the "drawers" are really 3 albums that come out and are full of pockets to hold all the stuff we received. This is the sample that Kathy made for us to see. My actual project was not finished by the end of the day and I had to mail it back because I knew that my luggage would be over the weight limit. (Once it gets here I'll finish it and post the photos.) 

On the first day Elena had given us all a tag to decorate just to have something extra to work on. The top  2 tags are mine and I did them for Patty and Linda to put in their Mail Love Project because they didn't participate in the actual mailing portion so they had nothing to fill theirs with. (Sorry but I'm not sure who the other tags belong to.) 

Here's the whole gang. From the upper left across the back is Me, (Valerie Brincheck), Teri Flemal, Eileen Bellomo, Lilllian Mederak, Sue Young, Lynne Perrella, Jacquie Valdespino, Jennifer Rogers-Daniels, (In front of Jennifer) Elena Vigil-Farinas,  Daisy Cooper, and Pat Tillery. In the front row starting on the left is Marita Kovalik, Linda Davis, Jennifer White Landry, Patty Hogan, Karen Tabor and Gina Goodling. (We somehow missed getting Kathy in this photo and I have no idea why because she was there.) 

Until next year when we hopefully do it all over again. I had a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

I just knew you'd have pictures of Kathy's project. I neglected to take any, and like you, most of my project was packed up for shipping from Elena's. So, thank you in advance for allowing me to "borrow" some of yours for my blog. I truly hope to finish mine someday, and pray I'll understand the directions, LOL.
Til the next time.....

Socrates said...

This is perfectly adorable. What a great idea for our Mail Love cards. Thanks for posting it.

Belladonna said...

Wonderful work, I love your explosion of colours!

Ildiko said...

This is gorgeous hope to see yours finished