Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keys 4 Art Retreat - Day 4

Today we went to Key West to give ourselves a break from all the intense creativity. But first I did promise all of you some pics of some of Lynne's original art. I am also including the art pieces that went around and were decorated with our scraps. (We later cut them up and folded them into little books for everyone.)

These are the 2 banners that our particular class were based on. It's a class that is called "Go For Baroque". (They are both about 3 feet long.)

This is a small asian book from a class that Lynne did a number of years ago. The ribbon slides off so you can unfold it which is the photo below. 

She even decorates the back of her pieces. I almost like this side better then the front. 

Here are a couple of very small pieces that I think she did for herself and not a class. (They are both only about 12 long. )

I just had to stick this photo in somewhere. This is how all the tables looked on the second day of Lynne's class. I have no idea how any of us got anything done with no table space, especially the ladies that worked on the 3 foot banners. 

These are the 5 pieces that everyone glued their scraps to and decorated to be cut up into books. I ended up with a piece of the last one. 

This was a little roadside stop we made along the way to Key West. It's about a 2 hour drive and some of us had coffee that morning so we had to make a stop for the ladies room. 
Sue Young, Teri Flemal, Gina Goodling and Jennifer Rogers-Daniels.

Little covered pavilion along a palm tree covered path at the same stop. 

Once we got there we stopped at the original Margaritaville which is Jimmy Buffets place. We all had Cheeseburgers in Paradise which were the best burgers ever. (Somewhere there is a photo floating around of Gina with the "lost shaker of salt".) 

Oh yeah that was good!

Ceiling fan

Stained glass window in the front. 

Here are some more photos of various stuff around the island. I'll come back and post what it all was later on but right now I have to get out of here to make it to my nail appointment on time.

Old car sitting outside of a little open air restaurant.

Beautiful old home with hand carved trim. (See below for close-up photo.)

Another close-up photo of some actual gingerbread trim. (Also hand carved.)

Huge tree on the front lawn of Ernest Hemingway's house. (At least I think it was his house.)

Chickens were brought over for somewhere for a food source and at one point it became illegal to have them so most people just let them go. Now they are everywhere on the island and highly sought after by chicken breeders for their toughness. (They survive somehow through all the hurricanes with no shelter.)

Beautiful orchids grow on trees everywhere.

One of the southern most houses on the island. Just down the block is the marker for the closest point of Key West to Cuba. At that spot you are actually closer to Cuba then mainland Florida. (90 miles.) 

The Art House is thought to be haunted by a former artist and resident that actually went insane while living there. It is rumored that he said some bad things about a famously cursed doll called Robert and was tormented by him. 

A lovely little side street with plenty of palm trees. 

View from the top of the Conch Hotel. We went up there to see the sunset but alas it began to rain and was covered by heavy clouds so we left empty handed. 


cat lacigale said...

everything is just amazing in this post !!!!

Rhissanna said...

Thank you for making us feel a real part of the wonderful time you had!