Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keys 4 Art 2012 - Day 2

Day 2 of the retreat started promptly at 9am and we were all super excited to have Lynne Perrella for our first workshop this year. We started by gessoeing our selected 12 x12 canvases or red rosin paper.

While they were drying we sat down with Lynne at the dining room table for a little meet and greet. She showed us some of her art and then we all introduced ourselves.

After a bit of chatting we all watched as Lynne demonstrated how to start adding color to our selected faces with Portfolio pastels. The copies of the faces are simple black and white toner copies. 
Lynne then demonstrated how to cut another copy of our faces to create a personal stencil. From there it was gluing it to our canvas or paper and adding more stenciling and other stuff. 

Below you can see the same 2 faces that Lynne colored using her personal stencil. Even though both are the same exact image they look totally different. 

Get ready for a bunch of photos now. These are all of our first projects in progress. We had 2 days with Lynne so tomorrow you'll see how they all turned out. 

Daisy's Gypsy. She looks totally different from the first image I saw. It was a sweet looking little girl with flowers in her hair and a bird on her shoulder. She added the covering to her head with another image which I think is a circus tent. 

This is Eileen's second piece that she was working on which was on red rosin paper. (The stuff that construction crews use to cover floors when they work.) The above photo is her first and second canvas that she did that day also. (Eileen has taken Lynne's class several times so she was pretty quick to finish stuff.) 

This is Elena's first canvas which used the image of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. It may look like it is done but she added more to it the next day. 

This is Gina working on her house of cards. You can see the image of the gentleman with the green face that will be glued to it eventually on the left side of the canvas. 

Here is Jacquie working on another image of Helena Bonham Carter. Even though 3 or 4 people used her image as well as Johnny Depp's, they all looked completely different in the end. 

Here is one of the Johnny Depp images as the Mad Hatter. This was Jennifer's work in progress. 

These ended up as twins from Jenn but were 2 different images. She chose to tip her canvas so that it hung as a "diamond"  instead of a square. 

Here is Karen's gypsy in progress. She was one of the ladies that was mostly a scrapbooker so she had never done any mixed media before. (I think you'll agree when you see her final project that she has a knack for it.) 

This was Kathy's work in progress. She sat next to me the entire week and was also there to teach another class to house our mail love project. She had never ventured into doing mixed media either but came up with fantastic results in the end. 

This is Lillian's canvas which is another one that looks like it is completed. Wait until you see what she added to the bottom of hers. 

This is Linda's canvas and she chose Rhett and Scarlet as her 2 images. She was another scrapbooker that was shoved into mixed media by Elena. Wait until you see the final projects she came up with. 

This is Marita's banner and was by far the largest project that any of us worked on. It was also one of the class favorites and turned out beautifully. 

This is my work in progress and I chose to do something completely different from everyone else. We were all doing a class with Baroque figures but I wanted to do steampunk so off I went on my own little path. 

Here is Pat's 2 figures that she worked on the first day. Notice the organ pipes that she used for his crown. She borrowed that image from me and even though I thought it was very steampunk it worked quite well. 

This is Patty's image of the Queen of Hearts in progress. Another scrapbooker joins the ranks of mixed media kicking and screaming. 

This is Sue's banner that she worked on the first day. A stunning piece of work so far but it only gets better tomorrow. 

Last but not least is Teri's work in progress. A beautiful profile image that I almost chose to work with on my second canvas. 

A last little bit of silliness. Daisy took a couple of Pancho's feathers and made bunny ears. 

Be sure and come back tomorrow to see how these first projects were finished and to also see all of the second finished projects too. 


bobbie said...

Fun!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how they all turned out!!

Socrates said...

Thank you so much for posting these. Amazing work. Just plain gorgeous.

craftyM said...

Thank you for the kind words, Val! I need to get busy and finish ALL my Keys projects now!