Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Back.....

Yes I'm back from Key Largo and it took me pretty much all of yesterday to feel like myself again. It is so exhausting to be creative for so many hours in each day. I am not used to working past sundown and we went until at least 10pm every night. 

Here is the first morning after we got there. You can see a few people have already trickled in to start getting busy. The first day we didn't have anything scheduled so we just traded our postcards and some finished the covers for them to bound in a book. (Later in the afternoon I did a demo on how to work with Angelina film and Fibers.)

For the postcard project we each made one for every person that depicted our home town with a photo of us somewhere on the card. This is mine which I took a photo of myself and "shopped" it into an old car. I was going to bind the book this morning and take photos of the whole thing but I think I mailed the covers in with all the extra stuff that I couldn't fit in my luggage. 

Here we all are a little later in the day working away on various projects. (The photo is taken from my table.) Elena graciously pushes all the furniture into a small room directly behind me so we can set up tables for everyone. This was the largest group (17) we have had so far and we were at capacity. 

I just had to include this picture of Lucky all curled up on Teri's air mattress. He would sneak in and curl up on her pillow or in her sheets or sweater.

Not too may photos for the first day but tomorrow is the class with Lynne Perrella so there are a lot more pictures. If you want to see more then head on over to Eileen's blog. She has many more photos of the first nights feast of paella which she helped Jacquie prepare. (I was trying to finish something and went to the beach house later.)


Kirsti said...

I am glad you are back!!!

Patzee said...

Valerie, thank you for posting the early morning photos and the one of Lucky. Your postcard is fabulous!!