Friday, January 13, 2012

Art At The Auto Show

Every year, without fail, like clockwork..... I get dragged to the Auto show by my dear husband. I have to go because he is a mechanical engineer and I think it is only fair that I try and show support for what he is passionate about. After all he lets me buy all kinds of art supplies and doesn't complain... at least not very much.

So this year I went with the idea that I was an artist and I should view it all with an artists eye. Mind you, every year that I go I do take lots of pictures but this year I took photos of stuff other then cars.

This was one of the first cars I saw that caught my eye. At first I didn't notice the paint job since it was turned away from me as it spun on the turntable. It looks almost like it is an actual texture on the car and not just paint. 

At first I took this photo because I thought the car was unusual and very cool looking. Imagine my surprise as I went to snap the picture and images started to appear on the outside skin of the car. The whole thing is essentially an iPhone. You can call up maps on the outside and plan your route, find your friends on-line and all manner of things. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "mobile phone". (What will they think of next?)

This was a display by one of the electric cars. (Can't remember and don't really care which one.) There were about 10 of these tubes that you could touch and walk through to get to the next display.

This car may be a bit of a mystery for everyone to figure out. (See if you can guess what kind of car it is.) Give up? Well the dead giveaway is right in the photo if you think about it. The logo of the white circles is for Target which you can kind of see right below them on the fender of the car. So what kind of car has ads on it? Well.... a racing car of course. This one is a very low slung, very sleek formula one racing car. 

This car and 2 other plus a motorcycle were sitting next to each other on an all red floor. (The car was pretty boring and plain and I don't even remember what kind it was.) I took the above photo because I loved the intense red of the floor that perfectly matched the car along with the reflection of the chrome wheel on the floor.

These 2 models of cars are from CCS (College Of Creative Studies) in Detroit. They had a whole booth that was full of these models but these 2 were my favorites. 

This showcase with this beautiful glass sculpture was part of a huge retro looking wall for the Lincoln display. It caught my eye because it reminded me of Dale Chihuly's blown glass. (We are even lucky enough to own one of his pieces.) You can see the entire wall below with one of the many showcases that all contained pieces of art. 

This fixture was also part of the Lincoln display inside hanging over 2 huge staircases. (There was another one on the other side.) I was so fascinated with them that I stood there for a few minutes and watched them open and close with the changing lights. 

OK some of you may not consider this art but it is so super COOL! It is a replica of a Hot Wheels car that is available for purchase in stores. YES.... it is a real Camaro and it looks like lime green chrome. (Notice the orange " Hot Wheels" track that it is sitting on.) 

Of course for me this was the ultimate artists car. This guy Brian had it parked in a city somewhere and he let anyone who wanted to, just draw on it with Sharpie markers. I'm not sure if it sealed in anyway but if it wasn't the first car wash or rainfall would certainly be a bummer. 

So next time your better half drags you to some event that you are less then enthused about attending just put your "artist's glasses" on and I guarantee you'll see things that you might have otherwise overlooked. 


bobbie said...

Fun!!! Love the iPhone car, and especially the Sharpie drawn car ~ reminds me of the art car show in Seattle!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

WOW that light video is amazing

Paper Squirrel said...

I'll be there tomorrow! First time for me, even though I've lived in Metro Detroit for 13 years now!

1CardCreator said...

Very cool photo's! Are you from Michigan? My DH works at Cobo Hall.