Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WOW (What's On My Worktable)

As you can see my worktable is an absolute mess right now. I have been feverishly working on many punchart flowers for McGill and the upcoming CHA show in January. They asked me to come up with some new flower designs using the existing punches as well as doing samples to place in the booth to show how the punches can be used to create paper flowers. Below are some more samples that I finished recently to go in the booth.

These are both using a Clematis. 

This is a cabbage rose which decorates a small mini pail. I have other flowers that I designed but I have been asked by McGill not to show them until they are approved for projects. 


Sandi said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous! Not something I seem to be able to do..want grubby looking, munched posies come my way LOL Best wishes of the season,

Claudine C. said...

Wow your flowers are just gorgeous! Amazingly real looking.