Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love Is All You Need

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This set of pages is for another Artistic Evolution journal. This is the one where the pages are stepped out in one inch increments and we have to create an edge treatment that will overlap the page underneath it. These pages are for Carla Hayes and they evolved from a circus theme. I know you are all wondering how the heck I got from there to this. Well on the circus themed page that Gina did previously she used a bunch of postage stamps with circus images on them so I decided to make that my evolution theme. I thought postage.... mailing postcards.... love letters.... and writing by hand with pen and ink the old fashioned way.

Anyways here are the details on what I did.

1. The background started with a piece of a manila file folder simply because I liked the vanilla color of it. I had already planned to use the transparency overlay on the page but now I needed to create the background that I wanted to show through the image.  I then pulled out all my old dictionaries and poetry books and started looking for definitions for words about "love". (I also used, devotion, adore, affection, cherish, and desire.) Once I got a bunch of stuff cut out of the books I started collaging them in an interesting design. I even took some old book pages that had blank spaces on them and I pulled out my own pen and ink and hand wrote some of the words I chose to include in the collage.

2. After all the words and lines were glued down I stenciled some designs over some areas in pastel colors with rubber stamp pigment ink and a finger dauber. I also added a piece of vellum that was torn in a rough outline to match the couple and ran it through my Xyron and attached it to the back of the image. (This did 2 things..... 1st it made the image stand out a little more but still let the words show through and it also protected the printed side of the image.)

3. The shorter page background was simply a piece of scrapbook paper with postcards printed all over it.
I took a digital copy of a postcard I had scanned from a friends private collection and removed all the handwriting that was already on it in Photoshop. I then created my own little note on it and printed it out.

4. The pen and ink I fussy cut from some more scrapbook paper from Graphic 45 and attached it along with the postcard to the page. (The rose is from an old Better Homes & Gardening book I found at a garage sale.)  I then took some Distress Stain in Pumice with a little Black Soot mixed in and brushed it around the objects to create shadows. The stamps along the edge are real vintage postage stamps that I snagged from my hubbies collection. (They are all poor quality duplicates and really not worth much.)

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