Monday, November 14, 2011

A Little Bit Of Asia

Some of you may remember a while back that I posted the covers for a new circle journal that our group would be starting soon. It's all about an asian theme for the books and here are my first set of pages for Sue Young's book. The really interesting thing about her book is that one of the other group members offered to hand make her journal for her so Sue took her up on the offer. The way that Sox bound it was to insert a piece of fancy handmade paper around each signature so that the white of the blank pages did not show on the exposed binding that she did. That gave each of us 4 pages to work on instead of the usual double page spread. (We didn't have to do all 4 pages but I couldn't resist.)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This first single page was done pretty quickly using a Chinese New Year card and envelope that I got for really cheap at a local asian grocer. (The cards were from 2010 so they were not worth selling as New Year cards.) When I told the owner of the store that I was doing an asian art journal she came up with all kinds of interesting stuff that I could use. I stamped some black card stock with Versamark ink and dusted it with gold Pearl Ex powder. Then I cut apart the card and pulled off the stamped sterling silver tiger and rearranged it all before I glued it back down. (The silver tiger hides the 2010 year.)

This is my double page spread and I just started by pulling out my drawer of asian papers and other goodies that I have collected for this journal. The silver square is a piece of joss paper that the chinese use for sending prayers to dead relatives. I stamped it with an image of a japanese maple with embossing powder that is called "Japanese Lacquer". (I thought it was only appropriate.) The other images were all from the paper drawer and the brass butterfly I found at a garage sale over the summer. The dogwood flowers you may recognize from an earlier project for McGill and since the punches were still out so I decided to use them. The bamboo branch is stamped and colored with pencils and the bamboo on the black paper is done the same way as the background for the first page using Veramark ink and gold Pearl Ex powder. 

In case any of you are wondering the kanji in the lower right hand corner is actually my signature in chinese. I sent away to a company called Good Characters that does this sort of thing. They ask all about your hobbies and interests and come up with a kanji that is specific to you. Even if another Valerie asked for a signature stamp it won't look the same as mine. 

This is the final single page and I again tried to keep it less involved then the center double page spread. I took an asian themed stamp that I had and stamped it on watercolor paper then I colored it with Perfect Pigments by Luminarte. (They are like Twinkling H2O's but in a powder form that you mix with a liquid  binder.) I then tore it out and mounted it on the page after I had covered it with a piece of hand made printed asian paper. 

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