Friday, October 14, 2011

Follow The Green Fairy

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This is another set of pages for one of the circle journal groups I belong to. These pages are for Sarah Walker who is from Australia. The previous pages were all about cats and I was a little stumped as to what to do to continue the evolution. (I had skipped the previous journal in the line-up because I was at a stand still on what to do with it too.) So I kept looking at the cat themed pages when one image kept drawing me back to it. It was a martini glass and Gina had called it a "catini". So I let my mind wander to unusual drinks and I have always been fascinated with absinthe. Mind you I have never tried it but I love the color of it and the whole ritual of preparing it. I also loved that many artists were claimed to be helped by the "green fairy" as their muse. I also love the movie Moulin Rouge and the little scene with the green fairy flitting about the room so I went with it. Below are the details.

1. The background is done on heavy watercolor paper and I washed both pages with a layer of Distress Stain in Crushed Concord with a little bit of the new color Seedless Preserves swiped over it in various spots. I then rubbed on more Crushed Concord to get a deep purple color and sprayed a little water on it to get it to bleed a little. I then sprinkled course sea salt over the middle in a sweeping curve to show the flight of the fairy. Once it was dry I wanted to make the salted area more pronounced so I splattered Picket Fence Distress Stain over it and then blotted it lightly with a paper towel.

2. I also added more color by using various stencils and a finger dauber tapped onto a pigment ink pad. (I used the colors eggplant, hyacinth, white and deep rose.)

3. To give the background a little more sparkle I used a technique that I learned from my recent classes in Chicago at the CREATE Mixed Media retreat. I sprinkled some Bo-Nash powdered adhesive over the pages and then ironed it covered with a no stick sheet. Then I took a lime green foil sheet and ironed that over the adhesive powder. When you peel it up the foil only adheres to the glue particles making it look like it was splashed on the page.

4. The wings of the fairy were printed on an ink jet transparency and then backed with some Whisper ribbon by running it through my Xyron. (It is this thin, bubbled iridescent film like Angelina film.) I did the same to all the butterflies on the edge of the same page.

5. The images were all found o the internet from various sources and I simply printed them on matte brochure paper then fussy cut them out. To make some of the images stand out I took a small brush and washed Black Soot Distress Stain around them. The wonderful thing about Distress Stain is that since it is reactive with water you can go back even after it's dry and feather it out more with a damp brush.

5. The title is cut from Sizzix alphabets dies called Rat-A-Tat and Fancy Brush.


bobbie said...

Such gorgeousness!!!

Ratty Hugs said...

These pages are lovely! Sarah is one lucky gal to get them in her journal. I love the dusting of green foil technique info. I am getting ideas for future projects.
Thank you for sharing.

smokeysmom said...

Love this spread! I especially love the green foil effect over the rock salt. Great ideas for future pages in my journal:)

Sue Young said...

Like I told you before,I am really drooling over this one,Sarah is so lucky,I am green(!) with envy!