Monday, October 10, 2011

Cruisin' With Tim (Day 7)

Another day at sea and our second class to finish the tray is in the morning from 9am to noon. We had 3 more hours to add more stuff and fuss around with it. As I said in yesterdays blog I didn't finish much of it and I wanted to wait until I got home anyways to avoid breakage. So after unpacking and posting the obligatory "I'm back" blog post I felt the tray calling my name and off I went into my basement. 

As you can see I added more stuff like the painted drink umbrella, the lobster and the flip flop which I found in the ships souvenir shop. I added the stamp that Tim gave us to the photo flipper and a playing card that has a Caribbean map on it. (Also a souvenir found on the ship.) 

Here it is about 3/4 of the way finished. It was so hard not to keep adding things to it especially after leaving it at night and then going back the next morning. I had new ideas and kept remembering things I had that I could incorporate. 

Here it is all finished for now. Who knows though.... I made still add things to it later. Below are close-ups of various parts of it. 

This bottle, key and pen nibs were all in our kit of stuff we got from Tim. I colored the inside of the bottle with black alcohol ink and stamped the labels with a stamp set that Tim had for us to use that is not out yet. The background paper is from the vintage paper kit I bought during the store stampede. 

Elena has this cool little camera called an Instax from Fuji and it takes these mini polaroid photos that are the size of a business card. She was snapping photos of all of us waiting in line to get into class. (I am definitely getting one of these.)

Close-up of the photo flipper and the grunge block letters. I added the popsicle stick that Mario gave everyone as his "trade" for the cruise. (I still have to add photos to the inside.) 

Here is a close-up of the lobster and the box above it. The Viewmaster slide was given to us in our kit along with the fish net, number brads and sand dollars. (I had the coral at home.) The palm tree charm was a trade from Jan Al-Janabi. I found the ship logo in the souvenir shop on the ship along with the lobster. He is a magnet and all his legs and antennae are on springs so that he wiggles. (I think he is my favorite thing in the whole tray.) I found the larger thimble in St. Thomas and the smaller thimble is an old Monopoly game piece. 

Close-up of my pirate skeleton. He is sitting in this position because I didn't leave a space large enough to hold him ahead of time since I didn't know that I was going to use him. The treasure map bottle was something I found in St. Maarten. 

This is the watch we made in another of Tim's classes. 

I used one of my own frozen charlottes since the one Tim gave us was too big for all the size boxes I had. (I needed to have one of my larger boxes turned the tall way but I didn't realize that until the whole thing was already taped.) She is behind a piece of plastic in shaker box with shells, pearls and a sand dollar. Unfortunately the sand is not from the islands. I had discovered some in the bottom of my camera bag but when I went to dump it onto my craft mat I didn't realize the handle was still around the back of the chair and I ended up dumping it all over the class room floor. 

These shells are from the beach on Cocoa Cay and they are incased in some of the packaging plastic bubbles that was on the muse tokens he gave us. 

I decorated a wooden spool with some lace, paper flowers and word ribbon which was also in our kit. The button I bought in the marketplace store and the word pin was in our kit. The raffle ticket is from the giveaway/farewell party later that evening. (NO.... I didn't win anything.)

I painted the drink umbrella from a stash of them I had at home. The flip-flop was a key chain from the ship's souvenir shop. 

This box is filled with the 2 corks from the wine we had at dinner on 2 different nights. It also has a label from a bottle of beer that Rob had at the little cantina on St. Thomas. The bunch of grapes is a vintage pin I have had sitting on my desk forever just waiting for right project to come along. 

Later that evening (5pm) we had a farewell party with Tim giving away all kinds of stuff. These are all the ticket stubs that we got each time we purchase something. 

OOOOOOoooooo..... pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

There must have been thousands of dollars of stuff on both of these tables. Alas I didn't win anything but my friend Elena who has every craft supply known to womenkind won 3 times. (Of course she a huge wad of tickets because she spent so much money at the marketplace.) She won a stack of "thickers" stickers, a whole set of archival ink pads and a Vagabond. (which she already has all of.) I tried to talk her out of at least the ink pads but I wasn't successful. (I should have just tackled her in elevator later on.)

Before I forget again... here is a photo of all the stuff that Tim gave us over the week. Below are some close-ups. 

My friends were not kidding when they said to bring an empty suitcase to lug all your loot home. 

Here are the few things that I purchased at the marketplace store and in the ports. 

And of course here is our last towel creature of the cruise. Early the next morning we were scheduled to leave the ship in the first group which was at 7:30am. From there it was a long wait in the airport for our 2:30pm flight. While having lunch at the Macaroni Grille there I spied Tim, Mario and Joy all heading to a back table to grab some food too. 

OH I almost forgot... If you want to see more then you need to go to Tim's blog and watch the video that he made of his trip. You get to see some great behind the scenes stuff. (You have to scroll to the bottom to find it.)

All I can say is that I had a marvelous time. The food was wonderful, the scenery was spectacular and the classes were an awesome bonus that topped it all off. Would I do it again? You might be surprised to hear that I probably wouldn't. Why? (You might ask) Because first of all Rob and I are the not the kind of people to hang out on the beach and Rob especially doesn't like to go in the water. We both burn to a crisp very easily and I can't stand temperatures over 75 degrees. We are also not the kind of people to do cruises. This was my first one and it will probably be my last unless it is something like a trip to Alaska. (Which is originally what this cruises destinations was supposed to be. It was changed because the ship classrooms were not sufficient.) We really prefer to go somewhere unusual and just wander around to see what we find on any given day. I hate to have to dine at a certain time or get dressed up for it while on vacation. We don't like to go to shows, I don't like to gamble (although Rob will occasionally) and the 3 pools and numerous bars are not our thing either. Am I glad I went?... YES definitely!!!! This was the first time I have taken classes from Tim and I am glad I got the chance. He is a wonderful teacher, with a good sense of humor and he is uber organized. I loved every minute of it but I am glad that I am back home and able to work in my own quiet (not so) little studio where everything I need is close at hand. Tim does provide way more then any other teacher ever has but I missed my heat gun, my Xyron and my colored pencils. So now, that is all of my experiences from this once in a lifetime trip. Now it's back to the reality of doing the dishes, the laundry and taking the dog for a walk. (SIGH!)


Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

Thanks Valerie for the peeks at your wonderful box. Lots of inspiration!

inkypinkycraft said...

Wow thanks for sharing all the fab snippets and snaps! Wish I had been able to take even one class with Tim,your tray was great.trace x

bobbie said...

What a Wonderful memento of your trip!!! And I completely understand about not having your own toys to play with... I'm exactly the same way!!!

Anonymous said...

Great last day recap. Your tray is wonderful, and you've given me some ideas for mine, which is still a work in progress.
Today Pat pointed out that our tiaras fit nicely into one of the compartments, and I just glued mine in. Fun!

lee said...

Those are the reasons I wouldn't want to go on a cruise too except I would add that I dont like large groups of people,all the same it looks amazing,all of it,so Thanks for taking me along!

Lululiz said...

It was really fascinating hearing so many details about the trip. Your tray looks fabulous, so many wonderful little treasures displayed so beautifully. And as to the stuff Tim supplied you gals with during the cruise, all I can say is WOW!!!

Patzee said...

Val, I love your tray! Your skeleton has the perfect pose, and the framed photo Elena is an unexpected treat. Great job!

genagirl said...

Awesome tray! I would love to do something like this but I fear I am like you in that I don't like cruises (I get seasick) and I like to wander around - not on a beach and not in hot weather. I would love to take classes from Tim and I would love all the cool stuff you came away with but I think I'll wait until he does a class on dry land before signing up. Thanks for the insight.

donna said...

Your tray turned out wonderful. I was feeling sorry for you that you didn't win anything until I saw the loot you got from Tim. I am glad you enjoyed it even though it's not your cup of tea. Thanks for sharing. Donna

Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing your memories. I loved your tray! It is fabulous! I am still working on mine.

Lori said...

Fab work on the tray Val! Love each and every detail! Thanks so much for the wonderful recap of events!

Sue Young said...

I had such fun reading this Val!! So glad you all had such a great time!