Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cruisin' With Tim (Day 6)

Everyone wave "Hi!"
It was finally time for the big reveal of the 2-part 6 hour project we were going to be making. The other group had their class in the morning and we had to wait until 2pm to find out what the big project would be. Tim even made the other group leave all of their projects in the classroom so none of us could get a glimpse of what it was. 

It was going to be one of his new Configurations trays which is just like the other ones but the boxes are only 5/8" deep. 

We got busy right away with gluing in all the paper to cover the background. It was all pre-cut and pre-scored for us ahead of time otherwise it would have taken all 3 hours to do it ourselves. 

After all the paper was glued in we covered all the seams with tissue tape. The back was even decorated with lovely paper from a whole pad given to us from Prima. Notice the ring binders added to the upper corner. We later inserted pages to attach photos to create a small "flip book". 

To grunge up the tissue tape and add a little color we started by first wiping on acrylic paint with our fingers. (I am so not a messy artist so this was out of my comfort zone.) After the paint was lightly wiped off we then distressed it more by adding Distress ink over it with a blending pad. The finally to add some bling we spritzed on some Perfect Pearls spray. 

We then added the pages to the flip book and stamped small tabs to attach to the side of each page. 

The last half of the class was all time for us to add all the goodies we were instructed to collect as we went into the various ports. I found a few things that I was happy with but I really wish I had seen the ships that some people had managed to score. I am a really slow worker so this is all that I got done in class. Some people worked more on theirs in the studio right after class but I didn't want to risk anything getting broken on the trip home.

Here is the tray that Tim actually finished while on the cruise with stuff he had found in the ports. Isn't that wooden ship just the coolest?

While everyone was busily working on their trays we grabbed Tim and Mario for a group photo in the empty marketplace store. Thanks again Tim for a wonderful experience!

Last but not least... here is the little towel creature that greeted us that evening. I think of all of them that he was my favorite. 

Be sure and come back tomorrow to see my finished tray and the farewell party. 


Anonymous said...

You finished your tray! Good for you. I have about 5 compartments still empty, and I'm determined to find a ship for one of them.
The good thing about not finishing, is working on a project at home kind of prolongs the cruise experience. Except, no one is cooking for me or bringing me a drink. :(

bobbie said...

Can't wait to see your finished tray!!


Fabulous creations. Tim really does have a great talent for teaching and creating. And so do you! Thank you for sharing your adventures and collections. BTW - adore the towel creation photos!