Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cruisin' With Tim (Day 3)

We spent all day at sea sailing to our next destination so our class was at 9am and the other group had to wait until 2pm. (Nah, nah,... nah, nah, boo-boo.) Sorry... I just had to get that in to make myself feel better after all the pushing and shoving that went on in the marketplace store. Anyways our next project was the obligatory journal that Tim always does on these kind of adventures. (Or so I am told.)

We stared by decorating the cover which is made out of Wendy Vecchi art parts board. (Don't ask if you can buy one somewhere because they were made specifically for our cruise only.) 

Then we were given a pad of paper to choose some designs from to cover the inside of the cover. We got to keep the whole pad of course. 

Then we added the ring binders by attaching them to sticky back canvas pieces. 

Here how it looks all closed up. 

We were given a fancy knob from Tim's collection and some baubles to hang off the cord. 

We also were given some stuff to decorate the back cover too. 

I didn't like the brad showing on the inside so I covered it up with a tag and a title. 

Here are all the pages in various stages of drying after I inked, stained and sprayed them. The paper was all per-cut, folded and punched and all we had to do was tape 3 sides to make them into pockets. He later gave us a whole pad of the 12x12 Kraft Resist paper to make more pages to add in if we wanted to. 

The rest of the day was a blur and I don't really remember what I did. I think I went down to the studio to work on this journal later in the afternoon. A nap may have been involved somewhere in there. I know that dinner was really good and I think it was one of the formal nights so we had to get dressed up.
 I also remember that we got a puppy towel animal that night but it was the only one that I forgot to take pictures of.  

I have since added more decorations to the pages so I have to go take some photos of them to share tomorrow or maybe later today. Depends on whether there is a nap that is called for or not. 


Shelly Schmidt said...

Looks like a blast! Love your book and the cool knob!

Createology said...

What a wonderful opportunity to make art with the master. Your art book is stunning.