Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cruisin' With Tim (Day 2)

Day 2 we arrived very early (7:30am) at Cocoa Cay which is a private island owned by the cruise line. We went over early because it promised to be a very hot day and we wanted to get there before it got too warm.

A beautiful view of the light beacon on the main beach. (I believe there was 4 or 5 beaches in total.)

A lovely mermaid statue at the entrance to the harbor where the tenders docked to let off and pick up passengers. 

A promise of plenty of things to do while on the island. 

The "Straw Market" which was where all the souvenir type stuff was. 

A beautiful palm covered walk to the beach on the point of the island. 

An inflatable water park between the beach on the point and the beach at the back of the island. 

After walking around and taking photos of the island we decided to park ourselves at the center beach at the back of the island. We didn't bring our bathing suits because as I said before I am not one to parade around in so little. (Rob is also not a fan of going swimming.) So we found a nice shady spot under some pine trees and laid like broccoli. (Ya know..... "veg out"..... get it..... ahhhhhhh!... You people just don't understand my sense of humor sometimes.)

By 11:30 am it was 90 something with about 80% humidity so we decided to go back to the ship before we melted. (I just wanted some air conditioning and a shower.)

After a quick shower I spent about 20 minutes on our balcony watching the tourists go parasailing over the incredibly turquoise blue water. (I know there is a lot of these photos but the blue water and the colors of the parachutes were just so pretty.) I seriously thought about going back to the island and doing this but Rob could not be convinced so I was content to just watch. 

So it is finally time for the first class with Tim and we are all in our seats waiting. We were in group A which was from 4pm to 5:30pm. (Group B was from 8pm to 9:30pm after dinner.) 

So after a little pep talk we finally get started on our first project. I was told by Eileen that we usually do a journal as the first project so we can add things to it and work on it as the cruise continues along.... but Tim had other plans. 

After being given our supply kit and goodies to work with we discovered that we would be decorating a cup insert for an insulated travel cup. On the cruise you usually purchase a "drink card" and cup that allows you to drink all the pop/juice you want. I didn't do that because I was trying to go cold turkey and quit drinking so much Coca Cola so this was perfect for me to always have water with me to drink. 

Note: I did not have any Coke on the ship and I still have not had any. (YEAH!)

A photo of all my collage elements before "distressing" them. 

Voila'.... A lovely decorated travel cup. (I can change out the insert anytime to suit my moods.) 

And it's got my name on it so Rob has no doubt as to who it belongs to. 

After class we had someone snap a photo of the 4 of us on the cruise. I'm in the back with the glasses on and next to me is Elena Vigil-Farinas. (She puts on the Keys 4 Art  Florida retreat every year.) In front of me in the red is Eileen Bellemo and next to her is Pat Tillery who are both from NY. 

After class was over we all had to wait in line to go into the shopping market while they restocked it from the first groups pillaging. You see the market is only open during class so while we were working on our project Group B was allowed to shop. To make sure that all the special goodies were not all bought up they only stocked the market with half the items then closed it to restock it for Group A. 

WARNING: This is me climbing on my soap box to complain a little!

Since this was my first cruise I had no idea what to expect. I was shocked to see that people lined up at least an hour early to get into class. Apparently some were under the impression that there was a limited number of seats or HAD to be right up front. (In my opinion there were no bad seats because Tim was constantly walking around and talking to everyone.) I was even more shocked when everyone quickly rushed out to be in line for the market shopping and even more appalled when Tim stuck his head out the door just before it opened and asked us all to play nice. (No shoving, no grabbing, no elbowing each other, please share and let others have a few things.) Was it really going to be that bad???? YES.... it was that bad. I was elbowed twice while trying to get a meer glimpse of what was on the coveted center table of one-of-a kind goodies. (The table was surrounded by women that were at least three bodies deep.) I had my foot stomped on very hard and I am still limping from it. (Whether this was intentional or not I am not sure.) I had a hard time even seeing the center table but luckily at 5'7" I am taller then most women so I was able to reach over some shorter ladies and into the group of flying hands to grab a couple of bags of vintage paper ephemera. I had no idea what most of the items that were on the table even were because when the feeding frenzy of ladies finally parted it was picked bare of most things like a washed up whale carcass after a shark attack. I kid you not when I write that I have never seen anything like this and I have to say "SHAME ON YOU" ladies that acted like this. (You know who you are.) Most crafters/artists are a very sharing, caring group of people and you made us all look bad. 

OK - So now I have said my piece and we will get back to our regularly scheduled program.

After a wonderful dinner in the main dining room with our fabulous waiter A.K. we went back to our room to be greeted by a little towel animal. (Isn't he sweet?)

Come back tomorrow to see the beginnings of the cruise journal. 


Anonymous said...

Valerie, I've been enjoying the details of your cruise very much! Can't wait to see the next installment.

As for the soapbox, I am right on it with you! I've been to some conventions where certain "celebrities" (like Tim, Suze Weinberg, etc) are demo'ing and it's like a madhouse! People go a little crazy when they think there aren't enough "things" to go around - witness the mayhem at Walmart during the holidays.

I have to share this, though: I took a class with Tim a few months ago and it was like you said - people lining up way early to get in. I went and had a coffee, came back two minutes before the class started and got one of the best seats in the house - at the very end of one of the three long tables. Everyone else had limited space and had to crane their necks to see the video screen. I had the whole end of the table to myself and was looking straight ahead at Tim the whole time! :)

Karenliz said...

Thanks for much for sharing all your adventures in and out of class. Your soapbox is perfect! I've never been to any workshops or cruises and would love to take a class from Tim BUT I've heard such negative things about the people taking the classes, shoving, pushing, hurting just to be there. I will go someday but I won't be one of them.

bobbie said...

I'm loving all your pix! And I think you're spot-on in your rant... silly & rude fools!!!

Anonymous said...

You'll need a bigger soapbox because so many of us felt the same way. I didn't even go into the marketplace that first day, and therefore missed all those one of a kind goodies.
But I get nutso in crowds and rude behavior makes me want to do bad things, so it was for the best.
I only went in during quiet moments, was able to buy one or two items, chat with Mario and not get my blood pressure up.
I think a few women go psycho and then it spreads through the crowd.
Honestly, I think some people just need to grow up.

Lori said...

LOL! Lovely pics, Val, thanks for sharing! Your mug came out great! I'm Eileen's friend from Illinois, btw, in case you don't recognize my id. I don't comment as often as I should, but I love your blog and the art you share.
As to the soapbox, I can tell you, it was pretty much the same thing the last two years. I was on both the Mexico and New England cruise. I couldn't believe it either. WTH? Is Tim the only one who has antique crap to sell? Apparently so. lol. Hence, I spent very little time in the store, or the studio space, for that matter. I refuse to stand in line for an hour to get "the best seat". I ended up in a back corner, but I could see just fine, and...I got to talk to Tim one on one when he cruised thru the "corner". lol So there.

Nancy said...

Wait ... WAIT! You mean Tim isn't the only one to sell that crap (per Lori)??? *lol* Like Eileen & Lori, when I was on the Mexico cruise, I didn't bother fighting the crowds. Never have understood the "I HAVE to have THAT, NOW" attitudes, anywhere.

Your cup's cool!

smokeysmom said...

Valerie, just want to say how much I appreciate your honest feelings of the Tim Holtz cruise (especially the market frenzy) because I had been thinking of taking one of these cruises. I love that you aren't leaving out the important details. Many thanks, Maggie