Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cruisin' With Tim (Day 1)

I know that I promised to post photos yesterday but as I was taking photos of all the projects I made on the cruise one particular one kept calling my name to finish it. I succumbed to the pressure and spent the rest of the day playing in my own quiet studio. Quite a change from the crowded noisy conference room that all the Tim classes were held in. So without further ado here are photos from the first day on the cruise. 

Be warned that there are quite a few photos but I took 250 of them so I have lots to share. (And we didn't even have a class the first day.) 

Click on the picture to see a larger view. 

These photos were actually taken on the second day of the cruise but I was unable to get good photos of the ship in the main port. I just wanted you to see how huge this sucker was. (There was a plaque inside somewhere saying it was the largest cruise ship built in 2006.) This baby is 13 decks high and who knows how long. The main hallway was a vertigo inducer it was sooooooo long and narrow. (Sorry... didn't get a photo of that.) 

After unpacking and having a little lunch on the 11th deck in the Windjammer cafe we decided to wander around the boat. The bridge is the long row of windows at the top. I tried to get a photo of the captain but it was just too dark. Below are photos of Rob and I doing the Titanic "I'm the king of the world" thing. Well.... Not really because the railing was not bolted down very well as I found when I leaned on it. (EEK!)

So much for maintaining the "do". It was always windy when we were up on deck. 

This is my hubby Rob looking all relaxed and calm. 

This was in the main lobby as we walked onto the ship. I believe it is by the glass artist Dale Chihuly. (There are 4 walls of this art and it is just spectacular.) 

Staircase at the end of the promenade deck that spans 3 stories. The white section is all marble so just imagine how heavy just those stairs are. (I'm always amazed that something the size of a small city can actually float.)

Main promenade deck where some of the restaurants and all the stores are located. 

This swimmer is in the center of the ceiling of the promenade deck. She looks just like she has dove into the water of the "ceiling" and emerged below water.

One of the art installations at either end of the 3 story opening from the promenade deck . The other end had stoplights which I didn't think were as interesting. 

This is one of the 3 pools that the ship has. This is obviously the one for the kids but I thought it looked like tons of fun. (Rob said he would disown me if I went in there.) The only thing this ship didn't have that the other 2 that docked with us did was a water slide. (The other ships were Disney and Carnival.)

Here is 2 photos of the middle pool which was the largest. (you can see where I kinda spliced the 2 together.) There is more to it on the other side which is symmetrical to the left part. Every night they would have a band, a movie or audience game shows that they showed on the large screen. 

Here is the pool at the other end of the ship. It was what I called the old folks pool because that where they seemed to hang out. I never actually went in the water because I tend to burn very easily and frankly my thighs (not to mention other parts) are not meant to be seen in a bathing suit. I just wish some other people were as conscience of this when they donned swim wear. There were some truly hairy, and very scary sights to be seen on the decks around the pools. I'll be having nightmares for weeks about a particular 400 pound man wearing a red speedo with a gut that overhung the bathing suit completely hiding it in the front. (Not to mention the amount of hair on his shoulders and back.) 

This neato, keeno, thingy is called the "flow rider" and it simulates riding a wave. This was the surfing part of the day where riders are given a helping hand to start and they can ride for as long as they stay up. Which for most was not much more then a second or two. 

This guy actually made it about 5 seconds after the women helper let go..... but......

 .......he eventually went down and got swept up over the back into the dump pool. 

Truly a good bit of entertainment. Especially if the day was hot you could sit in the "splash zone" and cool off while being amused by the people that thought it looked so easy to try this. 

So finally.... later that night Tim had a meet and greet with all of us in the Pharoah's lounge. (That's Mario, Joy and T!m, the man himself.)  He introduced his helpers and said a quick word. We then all got to trade the ATC's and the other stuff we brought. Many of the people I got trades from I didn't know and still have no clue who they are. Some I got to know better as the classes and studio time went on. 

Here's a photo of all the trades I got. 

This is a close-up of some fabulous asian goodies I got from Kyoko and Naomi. I traded one of my charm necklaces for some vintage kimono fabric from Kyoko. She had brought some magazines for Elena and Eileen since they knew her from the "All Things Tim" Yahoo group. They were kind enough to let me sneak some pages from one of the vintage mags. The washi paper and button made from vintage obi fabric were from Naomi. 

Here's a couple of close-up of some of the rest of the trades. The beautiful necklace was made by Pat Tillery for the 4 of us. I didn't wear mine because I had actually made a charm necklace for every day of the cruise. 

Tomorrow I'll be posting more photos of the cruise including the first class we had and the port trip to the private island of Cocoa Cay. 


Anonymous said...

Great recap, Val! As I neglected to take any photos around the ship I'll be directing people from my blog to yours to see everything I did not snap.
I unpacked to get the laundry basket filled up and take pictures of all our goodies, but I've put NOTHING away yet, so my place is a real hot mess. LOL!

Createology said...

Wow! What a great experience all around. Safe Cruising...

donna!ee said...

these are awesome AND i so look forward to MORE! thank you much for sharing :)

teri said...

loved seeing this!!

Lori said...

Love it, Val! Great pics, and thanks so much for the run down! Can't wait to see the next installment! Aren't those ships amazing? The art they display in the public areas is just fantastic, I think.
LOL on your comment about the pool man...

Lululiz said...

What an amazing trip. I can't get over the size of the thing. It really is like a floating city.
Looking forward to the next instalment now.

Karenliz said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! I'm very green with envy! I can't wait to see what you made!

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing these, Val. It looks an amazing ship - the size of a city! Can't wait to see more.

Sue Young said...

I love hearing about this! Keep it up Val! GREAT pix!!!

craftyM said...

Great shots of that ship, Val! WOW WEE!!!! And a charm necklace for every day? Why am I not surprised from the Charm Queen herself! ha! You'll have to show us all those as well, now you know!

craftyM said...

Great shots of that ship, Val! WOW WEE!!!! And a charm necklace for every day? Why am I not surprised from the Charm Queen herself! ha! You'll have to show us all those as well, now you know!

lee said...

OMG that a ship? Looks like an upmarket shopping plaza!That;s amazing!Thanks Val!

Socrates said...

Totally amazing photos. I cannot imagine the size of that sucker. The ship I mean. Shops and restaurants and 13 floors? Wow. And Mr Tim his-self.... Fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

Joanne said...

This is amazing Valerie. I feel as though I was there. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Hugs Joanne xx

Linda Wareham said...

Oh wow, what a great ship - looks like fun. Looking forward to seeing what you got to make.

Patzee said...

What wonderful photos! Can you believe I never saw the swimmer emerging from the ceiling!