Thursday, September 8, 2011

CREATE Mixed Media Retreat

These tags are all samples that I made in a class taught by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer called "Distress Ink Is Amazing". It was such a fast paced class and we learned so much.

Click on the pictures to see a larger view. 
Tag #1. Take several colors of ink pads and smear them around in a no-stick craft sheet. Then take your tag and wipe it across and around in the ink. Dry the layer with a heat gun and smear or dab the tag into the ink again. Dry again and repeat until you have 6 or 7 layers of color built up.

Tag #2. Using a foam blending pad start off the tag and blend in large circles into the center. 

Tag #3. Using a foam blending pad add 2 or 3 colors to the tag. Take a spray bottle filled with water and spritz some into your cupped hand. Then flip the water at the tag to create splotches. (To get a better effect wait a few minuted before drying with your heat gun.) 

Tag #4. Add 2 to 3 colors to your tag using a foam blending pad. Spritz some clear water onto a no-stick craft sheet and dip a stamp into it and then stamp on your tag. (The longer you wait before drying it with your heat gun the more fuzzy the image becomes.) 

Tag #5. Starting with your lightest color begin by blending in large circles almost to the center of your tag. Take the next lightest color and blend into the edges of the tag not quite as far as the first color. Continue doing each color but not blending as far in as the previous color. The final layer is to take a foam blending pad with Black Soot on it and just run it along the very edge of the tag. 

Tag #6. Lightly spritz your tag with water and then stamp into it with a stamp using Distress ink. Without wiping off the stamp make another impression near the first. (Dry this layer with your heat gun.)
Take a foam blending pad and add a color to the top part of your tag. Stand the tag up and spritz the top until the ink begins to run. (Tap it lightly on your work table if it needs helps running to the bottom.)

Tag #7. Create your own stencils using any paper punches you may have. (I used a heart border by Martha Stewart along the bottom of my tag. The diamonds were a stencil that I purchased.) Use a foam blending pad to ink through the stencils to create a pattern. I also stamped the dots along the side and added more ink on a blending pad to color over the stencil images. 

Tag #8. Stamp an image with a stamp that has a solid picture. Outline the image with a waterproof black marker like a Pitt pen or a Sharpie. Take a waterbrush and run it along a Distress ink pad to pick up some color then paint it along the image to create a shadow. 

Tag #9. Take a foam blending pad and cut it into a simple shape and stamp with it. (I cut a small square but you can cut a heart, triangle, star, etc.) 

Tag #10. Take 2 or 3 colors of ink and tap them onto a no-stick sheet. Take a waterbrush and draw simple designs in the ink. (Be sure and wipe the ink off the brush after every stroke.) Take your tag and place it into the ink then pick it back up without smearing it around. (Julie made one impression but I stamped my tag into the ink several times.)

Tag #11. Place a tag on a no-stick craft sheet and generously spray it with clear water. (I MEAN generous. It should be sitting in a puddle of water that covers the tag completely.) Take a well inked pad and just barely let it skim over the water sitting on the tag. If the ink pad is inked well enough you should not even have to touch the tag at all for the ink to transfer to the water. Spray the tag with a little more water to move the colors around a little. 


Sarah said...

Looks like you aced this class. Your technique tags are textbook perfect. I took a similar class from Wendy Vecchi...had a good time and learned a lot.

Suze Bain said...

Wow, lots of techniques here that I haven't tried. Thanks for sharing. xx

linda from arizona said...

Your tags are so beautiful! I'd love to take some classes like that but I live 150 miles from the nearest craft store so classes are out for me! You keep me inspired. I'm going to save this so I can have a handy reference.

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Sim said...

Beautiful work!
Beautiful blog!