Monday, September 5, 2011

CREATE Mixed Media Retreat

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
On our first night at the retreat myself and my 2 friends that were attending (Sue and Karen) decided to foray into the suburbs to find a place to eat dinner. My husband suggested a chinese place that he had been to called Mapo. We got directions at the hotel desk and off we went. While on our way there I spotted a strange looking set of spires that stuck up out of a garden and we turned around to investigate. If turned out to be a shrine at this retirement home which was part of a Benedictine Monastery.

This is me and my friend Karen. After the picture was taken I went to put my arm done to my side and got it caught on the points of the fence and I gave myself a huge bruise on my arm.

Later on when we finally found the restaurant I burned my mouth on a seriously off the chart hot pepper that was in my food. NO the description of the dish did not say it was hot, and the waitress did not warm me about the tiny green peppers either. My eyes watered for about 10 minutes while Sue and Karen felt sorry for me. When the pain finally went away one spot of my tongue was numb for another 15 minutes.

AND... because you all seem to love the metal birds here are some more pics to look at. 


Tante K├Ąthe said...

Can't seem to get enough of these beautiful birds!

Sorry about your experience at the restaurant :(


Julie Forest said...

Hi, Valerie! What a lovely garden you found in you travels. Sorry to hear about the hot pepper...yikes! That would certainly put a damper on your evening. Hopefully the rest of your retreat was enjoyable and without incident.

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous metal birds!! I absolutely LOVE them!! So creative and each one so unique! :)