Saturday, September 3, 2011

CREATE Mixed Media Retreat

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This was the project that I completed in the class taught by Thomas Ashburn called "Charming Sheet Metal Pendants". We started with a charm and then cut out a piece of copper (or brass) to mount it on. We learned how to torch the metal to give it a colored patina. (I now know how to put that Creme Brulee torch to good use that I got for Christmas a few years ago.) The loop that the charm hangs on is sandwiched between the front plate and the back plate which keeps it from coming out. It's all bolted together with tiny brass machine screws. (YES.... I ordered a bunch of them for all my future steampunk creations.)

And because these are so much fun to see here are some of the birds that were created in the "Birds Gone Wild" class.
She colored the metal body with alcohol inks. The tail feathers were already colorful since they came from pop cans.

Another bird made by my neighbor (Dennie) with the suitcase of fabulous stuff. I just love that it sits up on it's own. (The beak is a pull tab cut in half.)

I love the golden color of this elegant creation and the branch she brought for it to sit on.

This one was just over the top and fabulous. Look at all the stuff on the branch. 

Very understated compared to some but very queen like. 

LOVE the lime green on this one.

AND of course you can't have a bird without some serious bad ass bling!


Barbara DeLisle said...

These are all amazing-what wonderful time you must of had

Tante K├Ąthe said...

The birds are wild, gorgeous!