Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WOW (What's On My Worktable?)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
By the time you see this I will be in Chicago getting ready to take my first class. What's on my worktable of course has nothing to do with that but I thought you would want to see what I am doing. These are charms that I will be swapping on the Tim Holtz cruise to the Caribbean that I am going on at the end of September. (I still can't believe my husband agreed to go to this with me and still let me go to Chicago to attend the CREATE convention.)

So here is a closeup of the charms I am working on. They are made from shrink plastic and are cut from the Tim Holtz "Caged Bird" die. (We are supposed to use all Tim Holtz stuff to make these charms.) I colored them with alcohol ink before I shrunk them and then attached a little birds nest made of wire wrapped around 3 egg shaped pearls.

I was working on this journal cover a few days before that but I haven't bound the journal yet because I need to know how many are going to be in the circle journal group so I have enough pages in it for everyone to work on. (You can see the practice journal that I did since I have never done a piano hinge binding with bamboo skewers.) The circle journal group is called "A Little Bit Of Asia" and will be, of course, done in stuff that is asian. (In case you're wondering the group is a closed group and is the same set of people from the Marie Antoinette journal which we just finished.) One of these days I will get my Marie journal all in the binding and post it here for everyone to see. 


Tante K├Ąthe said...

Oh boy, these charms are so beautiful! I never used shrink plastic, I think I'm afraid of it :)

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

I love the little birds! They are lovely! A cruise! I am soooooooooooooooo excited for you and a little bit envious! I must admit my husband would blow me over with such an agreement! :) Oh Valerie, you will have such a wonderful time, and I just know you will find a world of inspiration for more wondrous works of art on this fantastic voyage!

Claudine C. said...

Awesome Val! Love your little birdie charms!