Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOW (What's On my Worktable)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

So this is actually my "guest " table where people who come to visit can sit and work at. It is currently filled with stuff I need to pack for the upcoming CREATE convention I am going to in Chicago. If any of you are going I am taking the following classes so be sure and look me up and give a holler. 

Binding The Unbindable
Fragile Fusion Mixed Media Book
Birds Gone Wild
Charming Sheet Metal Pendants
Distress Ink Is Amazing
Altoid Tin Treasure
Timeless Connections

This is my actual worktable and I just started these last night. I have done this technique before using chipboard (this time I used grungeboard) and metal heat duct tape. Instead of painting it with acrylic and wiping it off this time I used alcohol ink like Tim has done on several occasions. What made me want to try it again was the fact that I saw another blog where the lady used clear rock candy crackle paint to coat the tiles. It gives this very cool effect that is pretty subtle but so very cool looking. 

Here's a better view of the tiles I managed to make last night before bed. I am thinking I might want to make some ATC's to trade on the Tim Holtz cruise like the larger one with gears. The others will probably end up as necklaces. Notice the one that appears to have white on it. That was done with the new Snow Cap mixative that just came out. 

Here are 2 really good macro close-ups of 2 of the tiles. The large gear one didn't crackle at all and the one tile with the Snow Cap mixative on it was still drying. I used Crackle accents on the larger one and I have never had good luck with that working. (The others I used Clear Rock Candy Crackle paint.)

These are something I did a few days ago to add on the steampunk canvas frames I have been working on. It is the first time I have worked with 2 part resin and it was a lot easier then I thought. (Except for one thing I didn't count on.) The 2 gauges are for the canvas frames and the bingo markers were what I did with the resin I had left over. (They are done in little plastic bingo markers from a 60's game.)

So what is the thing that I didn't count on? (Take a look below.)

I found it's a good idea to cover your resin until it has cured for a while. You see Dexter's fur is very fine  and it floats all on it's own all over the house. One managed to find it's way to the resin and stuck firmly in the center of it. Straight on, the gauge looks fine but if you tilt it to catch the light the slight pucker from the fur shows up really well. 

Fortunately the others were fur free and turned out flawless. 

Looks just like glass. (AHHHHH... I love it when a plan comes together.) 

Look at the nice domed effect on this one. That can be achieved by pouring it a teensy bit over the top of the rim. The resin is thick enough that it won't spill over the side if you stop at the right height. 


ellen vargo said...

Awesome projects! I especially love the resin projects - did you use Ice Resin? I've been wanting to try it but haven't taken the plunge yet... always so many new things to try... hasn't made it to the top of the list yet. :)

genagirl said...

Cool stuff! If you do anything awesome with Altoid tins could you post here? I have about 2 dozen and need to do something fun with them. Right now I just make pocket shrines but I need to change it up!

Tante K├Ąthe said...

Beautiful projects. I love the way you explain things to us, thanks so much!


bobbie said...

The resins turned out great, but those tiles are FABULOUS!!!

Rhissanna said...

I LOVE those resin gauges! They are just what I'm looking for for my water pistol steampunk makeover. ( Wherever did you get the cogged frames for the gauge?

donna said...

Your resin projects are fantastic! I need some of that.Your tiles are great too.

donna!ee said...

wondermus results! i want your work table ... :)

Claudine C. said...

These are just amazing Val, your so good with making cool stuff!


These are great! They do look like glass. Wish you sold them somewhere!