Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayer Flag For Elena

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
I did this one a while ago but I couldn't post it because it was for a friend and I know that she follows my blog. This was a project that Teri Flemal thought of for Elena (The lady that does the retreat at her house in Key Largo) because it seems that life is handing her a lot of things to deal with lately. We all wanted to do something for her to let her know we are thinking of her. This idea is based on the prayer flags of Tibet that people leave on the mountain sides to bless their surroundings. Teri wanted us all to design a flag within a certain size and put a special thought or quote on it so that Elena could hang it in her house and know that she had friends sending her hope and prayers that things would get better. Below are the details as best as I can remember.

1. The flag was made of heavy watercolor paper and is about 8" x 10". I started by wetting down the paper and then spritzing on some faux glimmer spray in orange. I then laid a stencil frame over the top part from Prima and sprayed around it in a medium pink color. The rough cut "circles" part you see around her feet are some scraps of sequin waste glued down. The last part of the background I added was to take watered down white acrylic paint and spatter it all over.

2. The image is obviously from Mucha and I simply fussy cut it out and attached it to the background so it was centered over the stencil frame image.

3. The quote was printed out on my computer and then I sprayed it with a watered down version of the orange spray I used for the background.

4. I added some beaded trim to the bottom with a piece of ribbon glued over the top to hide the edge. To gussy up the Mucha image I added very small self adhesive rhinestones to the part that encircles her. Then I attached 2 brass corners to the upper part of the flag and called it done.


donna!ee said...

beautiful prayer flag for an awesome way to show the love to friends. i've been following a project of prompts of an art quilter's blog @ vdenegrequilts.blogspot.com for prayer flags. such a wonderful way to focus on prayer! thank you much for sharing ... :)

genagirl said...

It's gorgeous! And the quote is very lovely, it gave me a good feel when I read it.

JoZart said...

Such a lovely gesture for Elena. How lovely it will be for her to see them hanging and reminding her that so many care about her.
Love JoZarty x

Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Valerie! Love the watercolor colors ... they are scrumptious.

bobbie said...

It's perfect ~ I'm sure she will love it!
Sending her thoughts for serenity and strength ~

Juliet A said...

This is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

Ann said...

it is lovely.
Elena is such a sweet person,i know of her and have left comments on her bog.She has been through a lot.

Electra said...

This is so lovely Valerie!