Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marie's Daydreams

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This set of pages is one of the last set for the Marie Antoinette circle journal group I belong to. These are pages for Sue Young and her theme for her journal is Marie's Daydreams. I was inspired by the play by Shakespeare called "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and the a paper artist that does these beautiful intricately cut paper designs. (Sorry but I can't think of her name right now.) Anyways I imagined that Marie dreamed of being Queen of the Fairies instead of Queen of the France. Below are the details.

1. The background is an original watercolor done by me to represent the forest behind the silhouette of the ruins. I wanted it to be dreamy looking and have the feel of being viewed through a veil or fog.
2. The ruins are cut from ordinary black card stock from an illustration that I found on-line. The details of the vines I really wanted to cut by hand but I just didn't have the patience or skill to keep from cutting through them at various points. So instead I "erased" out the ruins I had cut from the computer image and left only the vines. I then printed it over the watercolor background by simply running it through my printer and then gluing the hand-cut ruins over the printed vines.
3. The flowers behind the ruins are also various images that I found from various illustrations and pieced together in Photoshop. I also printed them over the watercolor background by running it through my printer. I have done this technique before of printing an outline on watercolor paper and then painting in the details but I had never done the opposite of painting first then printing. I learned that once the watercolor paper has been soaked with water that it becomes more absorbent and the printed flower images all ran together. (For some reason the black vines printed fine but the flowers were very blurry.)  To make them more like the original printed images I had to hand paint over them with acrylic paint and a very tiny brush.
4. The fairy image is yet another one I found on-line but she was altered by having the wings added on. Once she was printed out I hand colored the wings using Luminarte Primary Element Pigments and added the brass crown to her head.
5. The translation of the saying is : "Sometimes I dream that I am flying through the ruins in the nearby woods like the queen of the fairies."


Karenliz said...

Gorgeous pages! I love the lay you watercolored the forest in the background.

junebrierley said...

Hi Val - is the paper cutting artist you were thinking of Emma Van Leest? I'm afraid I wouldn't have the skill or patience either, your method of achieving 'fiddlybits' works really well. Love the pages!

June B said...

Hi Val - could the papercutting artist you were thinking of be Emma Van Leest? I wouldn't have the skill or patience either :))) Your method of achieving 'fiddlybits' works really well - love the pages!

Valerie B. said...

Why yes that is the artist! I LOVE her stuff and wish I had the patience to do half of what she achieves.