Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Your Grunge On

I really wanted to participate in all of the Grungy Monday challenges but this week the product to be used is the Adirondack Color Wash sprays. Linda specifically didn't want anyone to substitute any other product and since I don't have any of these and I couldn't find any at local stores I have to sit this week out. Hopefully next week will use a product that I already own and I can jump back in again.


Lori Northon said...

Hey, Val! If you have any of the little bottles of Adirondack Inks, you can make the color wash yourself. Not sure right off if the inks are water-based or alcohol-based, so you'll have to investigate this first. If you have any of the little Mr. Mister bottles, you just use a few drops of the ink with whichever -base, shake well, and mist away. Hope this helps. Hugs! Lori N.

Lori Northon said...

Back again . . . Just checked, and the Adirondak Inks are alcohol-based.