Friday, March 18, 2011

Key Largo Retreat - Last Day

The last day of the retreat was spent making charms that Eileen and myself taught the ladies to do. Eileen showed how to work with the Tim Holtz acrylic charms and also a cool tip with bottle cap charms. You glue ballchain to the inside of the bottle cap rim and it just gives it a really nice finish. I taught the ladies how to make some charms using melting pots and UTEE with memory frames shown below. 

In between making charms everyone had these wonderful artist printer trays to decorate. I never had a chance to work on mine at all because I was assembling the charms onto necklaces for those that wanted them. I now have it almost finished but I am waiting for a few items that are in the mail back to me. Once I get it done (along with the other projects from this week) I will be sure and post them.

Of course later that evening we all piled into the Marlin which is a restaurant just down the street from Elena's. We were thoroughly exhausted from doing a 4 day marathon of constant art so needless to say everyone let their hair down.

Yes there was alcohol involved. Beer, wine, and Sangria. 

YEP.... a conga line even broke out towards the end. 

You may ask why Gina has dollar bills stuffed in her top? The answer would normally be "what happens in the Keys, stays in the Keys" but it was actually not what you think. She was dancing around with the tip jar collecting money for the DJ/Singer, Carlo, who you can see just behind her. He did a wonderful job of entertaining us for so long that he actually lost his voice. 

Gina and Marita do some swinging. 

Yes... there was even singing!

Look at all the food that was put out for us. They just kept bringing it even after Elena said we had had enough. 

Here is the whole gang on the last night of our wonderful time together. The next 2 days everyone left to go back to their respective lives. I for one miss all the noise and chaos even though it was a little overwhelming for me. Until next year ladies!!!


Elaine A said...

Hi Val -

Thanks so much for posting all the photos. It was just a bit like being there. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

Elaine Allen

Julie said...

I finally found you! Love the posts and I found my charm you made hiding in a little pouch in my glad, i love it! Thanks for all your teachings and bringing everything to work with. I will do a charm post later with all i learned.

Anonymous said...

You took GREAT pictures of the painter's trays! They are so colorful and happy, aren't they?
Love those utee charms.
Would you believe I'm still not all unpacked? There is literally stuff everywhere. Oh well, I have room on the couch to sit, what else is important? LOL!
And your choice of photos for our Marlin escapades were very very discreet. Boy, could it have been worse.

Anonymous said...

Great to see all those pics. And the fun you had!