Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Key Largo Retreat - Day 3

The next morning we got to spend with Julie Nutting learning how to make her fabulous glamour girls. (Even Ingrid, the other teacher, got to try her hand at this.) After lunch we went back to learning more of Ingrid's "over the edge" techniques.

This gypsy was commissioned by Sue from Julie.

A sample that Julie brought for us to ogle at. 

Julie brought this tropical lady as a gift for Elena. 

Daisy Cooper and her adorable Glamour Girl. She is so good at adding all the little extra details. 

Eileen Bellomo and her Glamour Girl with an attitude. 

Gina Goodling, Sue Young and Marita Kovalik.

Ingrid Dijker's Glamour Girl. (It seems no one got a photo of her holding her masterpiece.)

Jacquie Valdespino and her beautiful girl. 

Jennifer Rogers-Daniels and her princess. (Jen always takes a good photo.) 

Lillian Mederak and her gorgeous gal. (Seriously Lillian.... she is not that bad!)

Linda Davis and her wonderful creation. 

Sarah Walker and her fabulous gal with the red lips. 

Teri Flemal and her hip little chick. 

Tracy Kaufman and her fantastic lady. 

And last but not Valerie Brincheck with my lovely lady. 


Karenliz said...

WOW Love all the glamour girls. You all had so much fun!

Jennifer R.D. said...

HI Val,
I did my tray late last night! Your posts are great.
My husband asked if the picture was of the sunrise or sunset and I figured it was the sunset since they were
your pics on the disc. Beautiful shots!
I love your vintage beach girl images too!

Barbara DeLisle said...

These are marvelous. I love the colors you used. Picture perfection!!!!

Barbara DeLisle said...

I love these and the colors you used are wonderful. Picture Perfection!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! wonderful, inspirational works of art! I LOVE them all! I am sure you had a most splendid time, Valerie! Welcome home! :)))

Anonymous said...

Val! I'm so proud of you for letting her dress hang "over the edge!" Guess you still had edges on your mind, LOL.
Seriously, I LOVE the way that looks, and am now a little sorry I made mine all neat. My next one will have an edgy edge for sure!

Amy said...

thse are all, I saw her art in the artwork..wish I could have taken a class..amazing

claudia_az said...

These are sooo beautiful!!! i want to make one...where do i get more info on these?