Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm exhausted, but happy!

I'm back from a wonderful week of art in Key Largo. It was so good to see all of my on-line friends, eat great food, learn fantastic techniques from Julie, Ingrid, Beatriz and Eileen and yes I even danced. Needless to say I am totally exhausted from non-stop art marathons almost everyday. (Which is a challenge for me.) I don't think I finished any of the projects completely and now all I want to do is go lock myself in my studio and not come out until they are done. The problem is that I had to mail most of my stuff back and that included most of my tools. So for now I have to be content going through the 1000 or so photos that Elena collected from all of us and burned onto DVD's. So without further ado here are some photos and a short video I put together for all of you to be envious of. (Don't be hating me too much!)

After everyone got there on Tuesday we all exchanged gifts that we made for each other. I don't have photos of all of them because I have to still dig them out of my suitcase and some had to be mailed back.

 Here's my buddy Sarah all the way from Australia giving me some Aussie postcards and coins. 

Eileen from New York made us all these spectacular purses. Mine was mailed back so you'll get to see a photo of it when it gets here. (This one belongs to Elena.) 

This was a hostess gift that Daisy from Florida made for Elena, for putting up with all of us for a week.

One of the many things I gave to everyone was a necklace from the Etsy store that I closed recently. I also made everyone a small pirates chest that housed a secret compartment in it that held the charms we all made for a swap once we got there. (Sorry but I forgot to take a photo of it.) Jen from California is in the blue shirt and Julie Nutting is the other gal. She taught us her famous glamour girls that some of you may recognize from Somerset magazine. 

Here is the necklace that I put together while I was there for myself and a few others. The rest of the girls used them to decorate a journal that Ingrid Dijkers taught us or in printers trays that we all decorated. My charm is the one next to the shrink art envelope that says "art" in letter beads. (Click on the picture to get a closer look and see if you can figure out what the whole charm "says".)

Here are couple of photos of the pile of other "stuff" that I gave everyone to use to make charms or decorate the printers trays. 

After we all got the gifts doled out we had some food while sitting in the screened porch. After that, a DJ  and a karaoke box showed up that Elena hired and the real fun began. AND, yes.....  everyone was dancing to the same song I overlayed onto the video.  (Warning too all those that attended the retreat.) Parts of the video and some of the photos are not the most flattering but at least we had a good time. 

Look for more photos and maybe more videos to follow. It all depends on how tired I still am tomorrow. 


Socrates said...

Thank you, THANK YOU so much for posting these. Oh, a fly on the wall. I so wish I could have seen all this. Thank you for sharing a few seconds with us.

Anonymous said...

I'm also exhausted, kind of in a daze, trying to process everything, and also missing being around all my creative sisters!

Electra said...

This looks like SO much fun!! I'll look forward to more pics, once you're rested up!