Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2 Of The Retreat

This is the beautiful sunrise that greeted us the next morning. I am an early riser so I saw it but most of the house was still asleep. Last year we all stayed at Elena's but this year her friend Jacquie got the keys to this beach house from a friend of hers for us to use. I normally stay in the motor coach at Elena's but this year the air conditioning unit in the back bedroom decided to give up the ghost so I was relegated to the floor of the living room on an air mattress.

Here's a view of the house that faces the ocean. (I took the photo of the sunrise from the balcony.) Not too bad for retreat digs, huh?

The first full day of fun was taking a journal class from Ingrid Dikjers. (She is the one standing at the end of the table in the red shirt.) If you have never seen her stuff you must go check out her site and have a look around. She does fabulous work and the funny thing is that she lives about 20 minutes away from me here in Michigan. I had to go all the way to Florida to take my first class from her. I certainly hope to have her over to my house for a "playdate" when she has time in her busy schedule. 

Me and Jen are hard at work on the "Over the Edge" journal that Ingrid was showing us. You can see part of the journal in my hand but it was one of the things I had to mail back so the photos of it will be have to be posted another day. 

Marita, Gina and Lillian are all hard at work on the journal too. What a wonderful fun mess of artful chaos we all created on each table. 

This is one of the "edge" treatments that Ingrid showed us how to do. Unfortunately I happened to have an asthma attack shortly after she began the button edge and had to drive back to the beach house because I left my inhaler there. 

Ingris had many templates for us to choose from like the hands shown above and the gear shown below. I chose to use the new line of steampunk paper from Graphic 45 so I was all over the gears. 

She also gave us so many great colorful images to use in our books. I wish I had known the colors of what she was going to give us because I would have chosen totally different paper. 

We worked until lunch and quickly stuffed our faces so we could get back to work again, then worked until dinner that was made by the lovely Nicole. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. (I think dessert was either key lime pie or homemade flan. I can't remember which.)  I tell ya... we ate like royalty while we there. 

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Barbara DeLisle said...

I t looks like you had a .wonderful time and so much fun.