Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steampunk Evolution

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Here's a quick explanation about this next project before you scroll down to see the rest of the photos. This will be another circle journal that I will be participating in and it is due to start/mail out tomorrow. This one is called Artistic Evolution and here is the idea behind it. As usual we all create the covers, an artists signature page and the first page design. What's different about this one is the shape of the journal and how it will "evolve". The reason I posted the above photo is so you can see how each set of pages are stepped out. Each page is a different size so that the one below it will show when you view a 2 page spread. Why you may ask... (this is the cool part!) Because each artist will take a look at the previous 2 page spread and "evolve" the artwork onto the next 2 pages. When you look below to see the rest of my work on this journal you'll notice that it is done in a steampunk style. The next artist may choose to evolve the work by carrying out a bird theme, flying theme, music or singing theme, steampunk theme, time theme, gear theme, roses or garden theme... the possibilities are endless. Also to keep the work more cohesive each artist has chosen three colors that entire journal is to be done in. (My colors are teal, cream and chocolate with a few metallics thrown in.)

So without further ado here is the journal.

Front Cover

1.  Most all of the paper is by Graphics 45 and is called "Steampunk Debutante". I did a color wash of metallic blue over the background paper because it was greener then I wanted. Then I rubbed Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff on the edges. 
2. The goggles are made from some leather scraps I had and Tim Holtz gear die cut. I cut some extra circles to make the rims above and below the gears to make them deeper. The lenses are the packaging plastic from Tim Holtz clock faces which happened to fit perfectly. I have some gears floating around in one side and a lens that flips back on the other. 
3. The wings on the "flight" goggles are embossed from an embossing plus cutting folder called "Vintage Collage". I cut it from brown paper and then rubbed Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff over the raised areas. 
4. As you can see the title of the journal is an eclectic mix of various pieces and parts from whatever I could find. Here's the breakdown on what each letter is made of.

A= 2 spinners and a brass arrow charm held together with a brad.
R= An old ink pen nib, a piece of a sewing bobbin and a key charm
T= Scrabble tile
I= Miniature doll house hinge
S= Metal letter
T= Part of an old watch back and a spring
I= Tim Holtz typewriter letters
C= Letter cut from chipboard and aged with Sophisticated Solutions copper paint and patina solution.
E= Chipboard letter
V= Metal Letter
O= Clock face that was domed and glued to a coin with an arrow charm attached with a brad
L= Metal Letter charm with the loop cut off
U= Scrabble tile
T= Plastic letter
I= 22 caliber bullet casing and a mini Christmas tree light
O= Watch gear and watch spring case held together with a brad
N= Cork letter

Inside Front Cover

First Design Page
Some of you may recognize a technique used here by Ingrid Dijkers from her "Over the Edge" journal. I will be lucky enough to take this class from her while I am in Florida in March and learn the correct way to do it. (Click here to see photos of her journal.)

Artists Signature Page

Back Inside Cover

Back Cover

I think the rest of it you can pretty much figure out how I did it by studying the photos. If you can't figure it out just email me by clicking on my profile photo in the side column and then on the email ink on the left hand side under "Contact.


JoZart said...

That is stunning and truly inspirational.
joZarty x

Elaine A said...

Val -

This is just so gorgeous! Truly a masterpiece. I love how this turned out Val.

Elaine Allen

Ann said...

OMG..this is just the most awesome journal! I love the evolve theme ..just brilliant! I'm drooling!! LOVE IT !!!

Netty said...

Wow what a great project and loving your theme. The pages are fantastic. Annette x

Lori said...

Wow, Val, this is truly an amazing piece of art. Just fantastic, all the elements are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Amazing piece of art!
LOVE it too!

Sarah said...

Wow!! This is so cool. Your "over the edge" technique looks perfect. (Thanks for the link to Ingrid's site. She does amazing work.)
Hope you will post pics of the completed book when it finds the way back home to you.

Deb Prewitt said...

This is a very cool idea. I love the theme of artistic evolution and can't wait to see what the finished products look like. Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely gorgeous! Love the detail, the color, gosh...all of it! ~ Angela