Saturday, January 29, 2011

Build Your Own Steampunk Characters (Day 6)

To download click on the picture to get a full size image. Right click and "save to" your computer desktop or a folder of your choice.

I originally had the bird cage below as his body but then I decided that it was too feminine looking.

The other hand I used has appeared previously on the first day. 
I have included the original radiator cap as it appeared in the drawing and also the one below with the center medallion removed. 
 I originally made this space helmet for my Sky Patrol Captain but then I decided he looked better without it. I changed it from the original helmet which you'll see below just to make it more steampunk but you can see the toy helmet is cool all on it's own.

I didn't post the gears again because they have already appeared previously.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful gadgets, thank you so much for all your work you put into this

Netty said...

Thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures. Annette x

Lululiz said...

This is the most amazing series of steampunk images. I have never tried it before, but these fantastic images are so tempting me to have a go. Thank you so much.