Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days Of Tim (Day 4)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Here is day 4's selection and I bet you are all looking at it and wondering if I have lost my mind. Where are the Tim products or techniques you may ask? Well this card has neither but I snuck it in because it uses something of Tim's that most people throw away. YUP.... the packaging. The clear round part of the snow globe is from his packages of clock faces. I happened to have the snow globe stamp and the small Santa and reindeer stamp. (Can't remember where I got it.) I actually cut off the part of the stamped image of the globe and cut a hole for the packaging plastic instead. I left a lip of plastic around the edge and inserted it through the hole so that the edges were nice and neat.


Juliet A said...

This is a very clever use of molded plastic packaging. Now I will have to rethink everything that I want to throw away!

Jana said...

So smart of you. I love this. I want to make one now.