Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days Of Tim (Day 3)

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Well day three of Tim's techniques on cards has rolled around and this is the one I have chosen to share today. It uses some stamps from his 100th collection "Odds & Ends". I used the technique he shows of how to create a custom ink pad for a specific stamp so that it can be inked in several colors with one pad. Now I didn't have any of the "Cut-n-Dry" stamp foam but I had a compressed sponge from Dee Gruening that I tried. The compressed sponge I used did run the colors together a bit so I am going to be getting some of the right stuff on the next trip to Michael's. I also used one of Tim's embossing folders for the green background and I rubbed it with some Opalite interference rubber stamp ink from Tsukineko. If you want to see the original tag and read how the technique is done click here. 

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Elena said...

Beautiful card Val!!! I would not want to send it out if I had made it!! LOL!!