Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 Days Of Tim (Day 1)

Some of you may or may not know that I hand make all my Christmas cards every year. (Except for last year which I just never got around to because of being busy.) Anyways I managed 35 of them this year and I credit some of the inspiration to Tim Holtz and his 12 days Of Christmas tags. So now I give you my own version of the 12 days of Tim by posting the cards that either used some of his products or I tried the techniques shown on his tags from this year and a few from previous years.

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

So this card uses some of Tim's Fragments and his technique of creating an alcohol resist using permanent rubber stamp ink. He used the faceted fragments which I didn't have and would really be too thick to send in the mail. I tried using the permanent ink I had from Staz-On but didn't have any luck with getting all the black ink off before it dried. I did however remember that the Staz-On cleaner will also react with alcohol ink so I used that to stamp with and got much better results with fewer tries. (Plus the cleaner is clear so no excess ink to worry about.) I also didn't do the whole tag as he did it since I like to do my own thing and not be a complete copy cat. If you want to see the complete Tag that Tim did and how to do the technique then click here. 

Here is the 2009 tag that the design was actually based on but I used this years technique to make the ornaments. 

So that is card number 1 and there will be more 11 more to follow. The last day I will also post the rest of the cards that I did which don't have a Tim technique or product. 


Netty said...

Totally stunning Valerie. Annette x

lee said...

wonderful and thanks for all the images too!

Sue Young said...

Beautiful Val!!!Wow!

Juliet A said...

I like your card better than his tag! Seeing the tag from last year brought back memories - I did all twelve last year! It was easier back then, you didn't have to have all the dies to do it. I didn't feel equipped to take it on this year.