Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Digital Download

To download click on the picture to get a full size image. Right click and "save to" your computer desktop or a folder of your choice.
Frankie is actually the size of an ATC if you print him to the correct size. (The directions for putting him together are on the pattern above. 
Sorry....I never got around to making a doll from the skeleton pattern so I don't have a photo of a finished one for you to see. 
This is Wanda and she is a little weird but in a very good way. A little more advanced to make but definitely kooky and cool. 

Another break from the traditional Sunday Digital download. I thought I would post some of the doll patterns that I have designed. If you have any questions about putting them together just email me.

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Ann said...

these are just fantabulous! Thanks so much for sharing them..very generous! :) Ann