Saturday, October 30, 2010

For Donna Lee

Per your request here is what I have for puppets. I hope it's what you were looking for and I had fun looking for all the images.

These 4 photos are from the victorian era. 

These 2 photos are from old Japanese Bunraku puppet theaters. They are some very intricate puppets which are very mechanical and can take up to 3 people to operate one puppet. 

This is a diagram I found for one of the Bunraku puppets. 

These 2 are almost really more like paper dolls but they were called "mechanical paper puppets" and they are very cool when they are all put together. I actually made the rocking horse one and it worked great. If you want more of these "paper toys" here is the link to the newspaper that has them all available for download. (Click here.)

This is something I found on-line from the blog I listed below called "Puppatoons". I think it was from the 70's maybe even 80's and was on the back of a box of Lucky Charms.

These last 2 are some photos I found that look they are from the 40's or 50's. 

And just because I thought it was a fun and cool blog. Here is the link to "Puppatoons" which is all about puppets. (Click here.)

Here is also another site that "promotes the art of puppetry in the bay area." (Click here.)


donna!ee said...

WOW...thank you so so much valerie! these puppets are exceptional and so many have accomplished puppet image perfection in my book! enjoy this snazzy day ;)

donna!ee said...

AND i've just been to the sites you linked...the possibilities are limitless in the wonderful puppet world you have brought my way... again, thank you much!!!! ;)

Ildiko said...

WOW and thanks , and thanks again for the link I just downloaded all lol