Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's On My Wall? (It must be the day after Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This is obviously not a drawer but it is something that a lot of people have commented about so I thought I would give you a closer look. I originally put up these shelves because when we did the addition to the house 3 years ago the one thing that was going to change was that the larger center door was going to be taken out and have the original window put back in. (No sense in having 2 doors on that wall.) The previous owner had the larger door installed because he used to work on his motorcycles in the basement. (In case you're wondering why it's because we don't have a garage.) Anyways I put in the narrow shelves to hold my stamps so that the door in the corner could open. (Of course it still needs a door handle.)

Here's a better shot of the large center door that was going to be removed. It never happened because of the following reasons. Maybe when the whole basement gets a good renovation this will actually happen. (But I am not holding my breathe.)
1. It was getting too cold outside to have an open wall while they put in cinder blocks and the window.
2. I didn't have anywhere to move all of my crafting stuff so it wouldn't get destroyed.
3. We ran out of money. (Biggest reason of all!)

Here's a closer photo of the top part of the stamp wall. I have it broken down into categories as best as they will fit. Some of the larger stamps will only fit on certain shelves so I have limited options.

Top row- Large background stamps.
2nd row - Animals & People
3rd row - Asian images
4th & 5th row - Flowers
6th row - Trees & Leaves

Here's the bottom part of the wall. You can see on the very left hand side there is a few of my extra long stamps called bolio's that are hanging on cup hooks. (They are hanging the whole length of the door but you can't see them in the upper photo.)

top row (7th shelf) - Solid blocks & Scrollwork
8th row - Background textures
9th row - Floral Patterns (Mostly from Anna Griffin)
10th row - Misc. & Stamps that have matching punches
11th row - Art Deco & Postage
12th row - Vintage collage images
13th row - Cube stamps and Sets

This is a panoramic photo that I constructed out of several to show the stamps that are on the shelf that runs over the top of the door and window. (I couldn't get a good enough photo that was close enough and yet included all the stamps in one shot.)

Starting at the left - Misc, nautical, fruit labels, photo slides & camera, travel, celestial, garden architecture and hearts.

As you can see I am out of room for stamps that are mounted on wood blocks so I don't even buy them anymore unless it is one that I absolutely must have. Soon I may remove the top part of the shelf that houses my TV, CD changer and speakers and put in more stamp shelves. But that is another project for the possible remodeling job.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I would just DIE for all those stamps!!! And the shelving!
I stop by your blog often and have needed to comment; this was the day!


Createology said...

Wonderful way to access your stamps and a very artistic way to decorate and inspire. I find that when my supplies are within sight I tend to use them more. Happy stamping...

Netty said...

Oh wow....for a stampaholic, which is this is paradise....

Anita said...

What a wonderful use of that space! I absolutely love that idea so much better than having your stamps hidden away. This way you can see each and every one of them without having to shuffle through drawers or other containers. Great idea!

Anita ♥

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh My Goodness! Your space is fabulous! Love the shelving! Everything looks so orderly and organized..just such an inspiration!

Joanne said...

Simply - WOW!

Luc Joanne xx

Cassu alias Carita Oksa said...

And My husband says that I have too much stuff!!!!! Wow what a collection of stamps. It's a Stampheaven.