Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's In My Drawer's? (It must be Wednesday)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.
This is the other side of the store shelving unit that I posted last Wednesday. I have already posted all the containers you see in the wooden unit on the top shelf and the 4 smaller drawer units that face the other way on the top shelf. (You have also seen inside the drawers that hold all the polymer clay stuff.) One day when I get ambitious I may pull all the stencils and fabric out of the bottom bins to photograph it but right now the table I would use for that has been hit by a tomahawk missile. (I need to get a better anti missile defense against those dang things.)

As I said you have seen inside most of the stuff on these 2 shelves but all the polymer clay stuff used to be kept on the window sill in another part of the shop. I had to move it because my stash of clay alone just outgrew the tiny drawers I had them in. (All the clay colors used to be in the 2 small drawer units next to the pink one on the left.)

This shelf has a load of plastic envelopes that house all my paper sets by certain companies. All of my K & Co paper as well as the stickers that go with them and all of my NRN papers, Disney, Tigger, Dog stuff, etc. Basically things that I want to keep together rather then file separately.

This bottom shelf you have not seen into each specific bin but there is a lot to try and photograph it all. The blue bin holds all my fabric. Sad really when you consider that I used to sew and this entire basement was my sewing room. I used to have 3 dressers and several of the cupboards filled with fabric. I one day lost my insanity and donated every last piece to several charities. (WHAT was I thinking??) I have since regretted that decision and the blue bin is new fabric I have purchased. The bin with all the plastic templates are the kind that have shapes to trace and cut for doing scrapbooking. The Kinetic Scrapbooking product is from the company I used to work for. (Remember that dream job?) Anyways its the stash of product I kept for myself after most of it was sold on my on-line store I used to have. (I still have other boxes of certain products that didn't sell as well on other shelves.) OH and the empty bins on the floor I use for when I re-organize or to hold stuff when I was putting together the monthly kits for my Yahoo group.

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